4. Post Blue by Placebo


Placebo is sex on a stick for me (okay, really, Brian Molko is sex on a stick for me). His voice is so sexy and I love, love, love the beat. The lyrics to this song scream sexy. Come on ladies, listen to it and tell me this isn't one of the sexy songs that gets your blood boiling!

Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO


Heather Jensen
Oh! Love it!!
Remy Romero
30 seconds to mars cover of bad romance! amazing!!!
&.... Rihanna - Rude Boy ! RaWr' ;)
take you down by chris brown.
oh and u guys forgot can't be tamed it's the song to get u into a mood for fucking
you should have put night of the hunter by 30 seconds to mars
Guys u hav 2 try sparks fly!! OMG it's the mood song my boyfriend was spending the night and the next morning this came on the radio and i was dancing around in my pj's and apperently it was to hot fo...
I'll take the liberty to add one song you absolutely musn't forget: Butterfly (You've Got It All) - by Jason Mraz
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