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17 Wonderful Ways to Set the Mood for Sex ...

By Holly

Even though your man will be in the mood most of the time, it can't hurt to put in a little extra effort in order to make him smile. When you have the time and energy, do whatever you can to seduce him. It'll make him feel special. Here are a few ways to set the mood for sex:

1 Light Candles

Light Candles Turn the lights off and have sex with candles flickering around you. Just don't place them too close to the bed, because you don't want to knock them over and set the room ablaze.

2 Put on Romantic Music

Put on Romantic Music Music is the perfect way to set the mood. So turn on some sensual tunes and let the seduction begin.

3 Put on Lingerie

Put on Lingerie If you want to give him a treat, slip into something sexy. Just the sight of you will turn him on.

4 Give Him a Massage

human action, person, black and white, kiss, monochrome photography, If your hands are as skilled as the rest of your body, you can ask him to lay down while you give him a massage.

5 Buy Him a Gift

Buy Him a Gift If you buy him a tiny gift, he'll be flattered. He'll need to thank you--and what better way is there to thank you than by having sex with you?

6 Put on a Porno

Put on a Porno If you're comfortable watching videos with adult content, you can watch them together.

7 Feed Him Aphrodisiacs

mammal, cartoon, horse, screenshot, Buy some watermelon or cherries that you can feed to him. They should get his body in the mood for lovemaking.

8 Play a Sexy Board Game

black and white, black, person, beauty, monochrome photography, If you really want to tease him, play a sexy board game together. When you're finished, you two can finally have sex.

9 Make Him a Drink

person, screenshot, singing, guitarist, interaction, Pour him some wine or grab him a beer. Either way, he'll be happy.

10 Clean the Room

Clean the Room You don't want to have sex on a bed littered with dirty clothes and candy wrappers. Make sure you clean up the room before you use it.

11 Whisper

Whisper Your voice is sexy. Use it to your advantage.

12 Sext Him

Sext Him You can set the mood before you even see him. Send him some naughty messages, and by the time you see him, he'll be more than ready for sex.

13 Sprinkle Rose Petals on the Bed

Sprinkle Rose Petals on the Bed Steal this corny move from romantic comedies. After you sprinkle your bed with rose petals, he'll know exactly what you want him to do.

14 Close the Curtains

Close the Curtains You don't want to put on a show for your neighbors. Make sure all of your curtains, blinds, and windows are closed.

15 Put on a Romantic Movie

Put on a Romantic Movie "Netflix and chill" exists for a reason. If you put a romantic movie on, it won't be long until you two start smooching.

16 Kick the Kids and Pets out of the Room

human action, person, image, mouth, romance, You don't want to be interrupted in the middle of your activities. That's why you should make sure the kids are asleep and the pets are in another room.

17 Kiss Him

Kiss Him If you want to get him in the mood, all you really need to do is kiss him. As soon as he realizes sex is on your mind, it'll be on his mind, as well.

It's even easier than you think to turn your man on. What other ways can you set the mood for sex?

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