7 Signs You Are a High Maintenance Woman ...

If your boyfriend often accuses you of being difficult and unreasonable, here are a few very obvious signs you are high maintenance. Even though most people define a high maintenance woman as someone who has a lot of confidence and who enjoys fine and expensive things in life, there’s a very thin line between being sure of yourself and working hard alongside your man to maintain the lifestyle you’ve always had and being a gold-digger who just wants to be with someone who can afford to pay for her expensive tastes. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a certain standard in life, but you should be aware that it’s up to you to fund it since you do have all the resources you need to reach all your goals. Here are a few very obvious signs you are high maintenance that you should consider:

1. Your Mirror is Your Best Friend

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The mirror is always a high maintenance woman’s best friend. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with checking your make up in the mirror every now and then but if you do this obsessively, then this can be one of the signs you are high maintenance. Most of high maintenance women are always surrounded by mirrors, in their bedroom, hallway, living room and even in their kitchen.

2. All Eyes on You

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A high maintenance woman always wants all eyes to be on her. She never leaves her house without make up or without being well-dressed and she always wants to be the center of attention. She can easily leave any man in awe and she loves all that admiration.

3. You Need Money to Be Happy

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I don’t want to be mean but most high maintenance women do need money to be happy. Even though money can buy you things that make you happy, they can’t buy happiness. High maintenance women do have very expensive tastes, they do follow the latest fashion trends and they do want to have the money to indulge in the good things life has to offer.

4. You like Splurging on Bling

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Since most high maintenance women do need money to be happy, they also like splurging on bling often. They pay a lot of attention to all kinds of expensive details and they like buying new jewelry or extravagant things several times in a month or even in a week.

5. Gifting Pleasures

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High maintenance women love gifts, and I’m not talking about symbolic, “the thought that counts” gifts but about expensive ones that can take your breath away. If you are often infuriated by all those small gifts your boyfriend offers you because you think you deserve more and that he doesn’t know how to appreciate you, then you should think about the possibility of you being a high maintenance glam doll.

6. You Think You Deserve a Better Man

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Some high maintenance women do often think that they are better than everyone, hence, they do think that they deserve a better man, one who can make more money, so they’ll be able to afford more expensive things. Even if you push that thought away, it still passes your mind every now and then.

7. If You like Something, You Want It

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If you see something you like, you want it right away and you don’t take no for an answer. You don’t like to be refused, you believe you deserve what you want and you won’t rest until you obtain it. You always want it your way and you get very upset if you can’t fulfill your desires.

Not all men like to be with a high maintenance woman since there’s a very thin line between being a confident woman who likes expensive things and who works hard to afford all that and being a gold-digger who only wants a man who can pay for her extravagant lifestyle. Do you know any other ways to recognize a high maintenance woman? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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