Are You Being Selfish in Your Relationship? ...


It’s not easy to know if you are being self-centered or giving in your relationship, so here are a few signs you are being selfish that you should consider. When you fight with your partner, do you tend to agree with them sometimes but you choose not to give in because you don’t want to seem weak? Everyone can be a bit selfish sometimes, especially when we want something really badly. Yet, a happy and meaningful relationship requires equality and a perfect balance between what the two partners give and take. Make sure you don’t neglect your own needs since you can only give your partner more happiness if you’re full of happiness yourself. Here are a few obvious signs you are being selfish in your relationship:

1. Your Partner Usually Gives in

One of the most obvious signs you are being selfish in your relationship is the fact that every time you’re having a discussion with your partner, they are the ones who give in even if they don’t agree with you and even if they are not that happy doing it. In time, this can make them feel unappreciated and it can really damage their self-esteem.

You Believe Your Partner Nags You


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