4 Signs You Should Move in Together ...

It is very common for couples to live together these days before they get married or if they have no intention of getting married at all. Socially it is accepted much more than it was before and many couples move in together when they are ready to be more committed to one another. For some couples, it is a blissful honeymoon stage, while for others it scares the socks and pants off them. Are you ready? Each couple is different, but here are some key signs you should move in together.

1. Can You Fight?

Fighting is a natural, healthy aspect that every couple faces at times in their relationship. If you are fighting every day, getting on each other’s nerves constantly and bickering like adolescents, you may want to take a step back here. But if you can get through conflict, manage it, work through it respectfully and not go to sleep wishing that you could take some things back, you may have found the recipe to fight fair and you may be ready to make the next move.