Does Your Boyfriend Secretly Want You to Dump Him? ...


Recognizing the signs your boyfriend wants you to dump him isn't always easy. After all, you'd think he'd just get it over with if he's not in to you anymore. Once you learn the signs your boyfriend wants you to dump him, you get to drop him quickly and move on to a better guy. I think we all deserve better than this type of guy.

1. He Starts Blaming You

Remember when he actually took responsibility for his actions? One of the first signs your boyfriend wants you to dump him is he starts suddenly blaming you for everything. If he had a bad day at work, somehow it's your fault. If his food didn't settle right, it's your fault. While this might happen from time to time, it's not good when it becomes a regular thing. Don't take the blame. Dump him instead.

He Avoids the Future


This all is so true I think this all points to me except when I do dump him he always calls right back or comes to see me and we get back together, it's so confusing
Mauie Aduca
Georgina Barbara Chan Lotero
I think I'm going through this situation... I keep showing him this article and he keeps telling me it's total BS. It's like he's waiting for me to break up with him for real.
I left my boyfriend after 4 years. Only because the last year he decided to get a vasectomy done without consulting with me. He knew I wanted kids. So I rented a van packed all my things and left. Alm...
I am going through this right now but every time I suggest we split he gets mad, even if we aren't arguing
Liza Brown
Great. Think I'm sorta going through similar..but not sure:(
All of these very true most guys are so cowardly nowadays. Just say it
Huh, #1 way to know is if he dumps you first. But yeah, if a guy is doing those things to a degree where isn't noticeably uncomfortable, you SHOULD dump him.
Or if he suddenly starts referring to you as his "friend." That is another huge sign.
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