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Is Valentine's Day Overrated ?

By Cris

Valentine’s Day is here trying to envelop everyone with its love spell and coax your wallets to open up themselves and spend those hard-earned bills for a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. I can hear some of my friends moan with the classic line I hear at this time of the year: "Is it that day again? Do I really have to get dressed up and go out to dinner?" Rounding up opinions and thoughts from them, here are reasons why Valentine’s Day is overrated:

1 Red Roses

Janice, 34, said: "Red roses all the time...seriously? They are so tacky and guess what, they die. Nothing and no one lives forever and cut flowers are among the quickest things to bite the bucket. Plus their petals turn brown and disintegrate all over my carpet." She sounds downright depressing alright but admit it, she has a point. I'm guessing what she'll say next and that is: "Cut the flowers and pay my apartment bill instead!"

2 The Mad Crowd

This one from my husband: "If we have to celebrate Valentine's Day, can we do it 19 days from now? I hate the crowds and every single restaurant in town has been booked. I say let's avoid the crowds and celebrate the day far away from February 14." Or we can declare our own Valentine’s Day and celebrate it on January 17. Hey, no one will sue you for doing so.

3 Prefabricated Love

Andrea, a call center agent, sent me this message: "When someone says they love me, they don't have to wait and entire year before they decide to tell me. Oh, and I am supposed to appreciate the sentiment more because it happens to fall on one specific day? Well, thanks but no thanks." Andrea does make sense. Dears, do not wait for February 14 to wax romantic moves.

4 Stupid Cupid

This one from Justin, a 25-year-old teacher, is funny:
"Whoever thought a naked male baby carrying a lethal weapon who is going to shoot me in the chest is cute and cuddly should make love to a python. It's stupid. Madison Avenue art design's time has come to simply go away. Someone change the diapers on this kid, cut off his cute little baby curls and send him off to daycare." Okay, okay maybe he was a bit too harsh but who, in heaven's name, dragged baby Cupid into this love game?

5 The Color Red

"RED is synonymous with romance and love and all that fuzzy feeling that comes with being with another person? Dope reasoning," laments Eva, a marketing professional.

Of course, we can all trace red and Valentine’s Day to history and legends but why not green or yellow? There were years when establishments advertised Blue or Black Valentine but those didn't quash the ever-enduring red. Not to mention all those couples wearing twin shirts or people who go red on this day. No offense, but a lot of these are just way too much.

6 Valentine’s is for Couples

Says who? I think this is the reason why several people get depressed on this day because there is an overrated, over advertised, overhyped notion that February 14 is the day (or night) to go out with your beau. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love - and love is not limited to couples. It comes in all forms and numbers and that includes family and friends.

7 Chocolates, and Teddy Bears

Now these two along with bouquets of flowers are staple gifts on this day. Not saying that they're mushy or bad. I just think that many stores jack up their prices and advertise these products with the intent to lure you into buying them because your Valentine’s celebration won't be complete without it or your partner won't be totally happy without them.

Anyone you know who is obsessed in celebrating and preparing for this day?

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