7 Signs You're a Love Addict ...


It takes a lot of strength and internal reflection to examine your relationships and seek out signs that you're a love addict. Most people with love addiction don't know what they are suffering from and it's only upon reading about the disease that symptoms and signs begin to make sense and patterns begin to emerge. Love addiction comes in many forms from short, passion-filled relationships that end quickly to long-term, overlapping relationships with extreme highs and lows. Just like any other addiction, love addiction is a compulsive behavior that the addict uses to soothe uncomfortable feelings despite negative consequences. There are multiple contributors to love addiction, including upbringing, heredity and DNA, but this article is designed to outline signs that you're a love addict so that you can decide for yourself whether or not to seek additional help or counseling.

1. You Believe That You Can Only Be Happy if Someone Loves You

You're nobody til somebody loves you, right? Many love addicts feel this way and it is the most basic of many signs you're a love addict. You feel incomplete as person without someone by your side that loves you and are unsure how to function as a single person. Your identity is lost in a relationship and you cannot happily go through the day to day activities of life without feeling empty or lonely.

You Frequently Stay in Bad Relationships


Heather Jensen
That's a good idea, I'll add those to my list! :)
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Are there any posts on how to stop being a love addict?
Heather Jensen
Mine too. :) Thanks for the comment!!
Jessica Petralia
Story of my life
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@Ana Sims , me too.
Fitsum Gezahgh
Omg, u need to talk to somebody....
Krista Rose
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This is all so true. I'm definitely guilty of #7.
Ya I know that kind of personality ....
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