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10 Signs You're a Sex Addict ...

By Sici

It's probably fair to say that for anyone who enjoys a full and active sex life, physical intimacy with a partner is one of the most important factors in your life in general. Sex feels good, and the more you do it, the better you get at it, but what about if you cross over the boundary of ‘normalcy’ and start to put too much important and energy on it, to the point where you are starting to get dependent and other areas of your life are suffering as a result? Here are ten **signs you are a sex addict. **

1 No Emotion

You have little or no regard for the emotional aspect of sex. You don’t care about having a connection with a sexual partner, you just care about getting the physical gratification and you aren’t bothered who gives it to you.

2 Destructive

You are so committed to making sure that you have regular sex that you are willing to stay in a toxic or destructive relationship to guarantee physical intimacy and satisfaction. Good sex doesn’t make a good partnership!

3 Multiple People

You have a tendency to jump from one sexual partner to the other at a really quick rate, seeking the best sexual satisfaction wherever you can find it. You don’t see any problem with juggling multiple sexual partners at the same time.

4 Confusion

You are somebody who confuses sexual attraction with love, which leads to you thinking that you are falling in love with lots of people that you come in to contact with when in fact it is only the call of your loins that you are experiencing.

5 Fear Loneliness

You have a fear of being alone, and you try to remedy this fear by enjoying the company of as many different sexual partners as you can to fill in the time. You never somehow feel like you are good enough if you are alone.

6 Sexualising

No matter what emotion you are experiencing, you find a way to sexualise it. From stress to guilt to loneliness to anger to shame, there is a sexual element to all of your personal feelings.

7 Manipulate

You have no second thoughts about taking the emotion and chemistry out of sex to use it for manipulative purposes. You don’t mind seeing seeing the act of sex as a tool that can get you further on in your goals.

8 Fantasies

You find it hard to enjoy sex without attaching some sort of wild fantasy to the experience. This is because your tolerance has become much higher you now need more than average person to get you going.

9 Emotionally Unavailable

You intentionally attach yourself to people who you know are emotionally unavailable, because subconsciously you don’t want to risk real feelings in place of the raw sexual energy that makes you tick.

10 Vulnerability

You avoid vulnerability of any kind in favour of much harder, steelier exterior with your sexual partners. This stems from a fear of emotional intimacy but a strong need for sexual gratification.

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