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7 Signs You're Developing an Office Crush...and How to Avoid It ...

By Shannon

Sometimes you just can’t help being attracted to people in your workplace and before you know it, you are showing signs you’re developing an office crush. It happens whether you mean it to or not. An office crush does not have to interfere with work, neither does it mean that you have a romance on your hands. However, it definitely means you are attracted to your co-worker. Below are seven signs you’re developing an office crush . . . and a few tips on how to avoid it.

1 Lingering Eye Contact

You probably learned that eye contact and a firm handshake is good for business. While that may be true, sometimes lingering eye contact can indicate interest. If you find yourself checking out your coworker a little longer than normal then you’ve hit one of the signs you’re developing an office crush. Be mindful of your gaze and careful that no one notices. If you feel yourself engaged in eye contact a little too long then break away; notice something else.

2 You're Getting Closer!

When I spot something I like, I hone-in like a laser beam and move in attack formation. This makes shopping quite interesting. One sure sign that a crush is developing is an increased desire to be in closer proximity. When you feel drawn that way, make an immediate b-line to the restroom. That is, if you want to avoid them.


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3 Your Body Language Changes

At first, your demeanor is strictly professional, then something cracks in that façade. Your body language changes before you know it. Beware. You do not want to draw any attention to your attraction in the public workplace. If you want to avert your building crush then move along, don’t stop. Once you do, it’s all over.

4 You Have Lunch Together, Often

A working lunch is totally acceptable. If you find your day is full and very busy, sometimes your only option is to continue working through lunch. However, increased frequency or meeting at a semi-private location is a telltale sign of interest. Before you know it, your working lunch becomes flirtatious. If a flirtatious working lunch is your “bag, baby” then try to be as discreet as possible; your job and your reputation depend upon it.

5 Your Interaction Increases

Working in an office you see and interact with the same people. However, when it comes to your crush, your interaction increases. Intentionally or not, you find any excuse to interact as much as possible. If you feel these needs building and want to thwart them, then bring someone along. The presence of an additional office worker will help put the interaction into proper perspective. It will also keep the interaction brief and professional.

6 Intimate Thoughts

Obviously, when you work on a project you focus on the product and the people. It’s a subconscious and necessary way to keep your project organized. However, if find yourself preoccupied with thoughts about your co-worker outside of the office you may be developing an office crush. Often those thoughts are not always professional and get a little naughty, and sometimes they are down right drool-worthy!

7 You Notice the Way They Look in Their Clothes

At first, you notice these things to be nice because you simply like the look. The line, color, and cut all catch your attention. Who doesn’t love a great outfit? You watch the way the fabric moves or how the clothes fit and it attracts you. You find yourself complementing your crush often and stare lots.

Good or bad, office crushes happen whether you intend them to or not. They can be fun but they can also be a little dangerous. Have you ever had an office crush? How did it work out for you? Do you have any tips on how to avoid it? Please, share!

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