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17 Simple Yet so Good Icebreakers for Shy Girls Who Want to Introduce Themselves ...

By Holly

You don't have to walk over to someone and tell them your name and life story. You can say something casual that'll get you two talking. It just might spark a meaningful conversation. Here are a few simple ice breakers that you can use to introduce yourself:

1 Is This Seat Taken?

Is This Seat Taken? If you want to sit next to your crush on the bus or at school, then you should use this line. As long as no one is already sitting there, you'll get to spend time side by side with your crush.

2 Nice Shoes

Nice Shoes This shouldn't be hard to spit out. It's not like you're proposing to them. You're just giving them a basic compliment.


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3 Hello

hair, supermodel, nightclub, model, singer, If you feel awkward giving them this greeting, then you can just make eye contact with them and smile. It'll accomplish the same thing.

4 Hey, How Are You?

Hey, How Are You? People like to talk. Chances are that your crush will use the opportunity to either brag or complain about his day.

5 It’s Freezing in Here

person, photography, beauty, hairstyle, photo shoot, You don't even need to say this directly to them. Just say it to yourself while you're close by them and they might answer you.

6 Is That Book Any Good?

Is That Book Any Good? If they have a novel with them, then ask them how they like it so far. If you've already read it, then even better! You can talk to them about how much you loved it or hated it.

7 I’ve Been Thinking about Getting a Phone like That

I’ve Been Thinking about Getting a Phone like That Boys like to talk about their phones. If he has a nice one, then comment on it in any way that you can.

8 Did You Finish the Hw?

facial expression, black and white, person, photography, monochrome photography, If you have class together, then all you have to do is ask him something about the homework or the teacher or the class in general.

9 I Don’t Know Anyone in Here

I Don’t Know Anyone in Here If it's your first day in a new location, tell him that you're a little nervous, because you don't know anyone. It can't hurt to be honest.

10 I’m [NAME]

I’m [NAME] Try introducing yourself right off of the bat. It's the first step to becoming friends.

11 Have You Been Here before?

Have You Been Here before? If you're at a new bar, you can ask him if it's his first time there, too. It'll get you two talking.

12 I’m so Tired

hair, white, black, black and white, image, People like to complain. If you state that you're tired, then they'll probably go on and on about how tired they are, too.

13 I Don't Know What to Get

I Don't Know What to Get If you're on line for Starbucks, ask him what his favorite drink is. Then he'll give you suggestions.

14 Can You Help Me Open This?

Can You Help Me Open This? If you have a container that won't open, ask for help. He'll be happy to give it to you.

15 Have We Met before?

hair, face, blond, photography, beauty, You can act like he looks familiar to you. It doesn't matter if it's the truth or not.

16 Do You Want Gum?

Do You Want Gum? If you have gum, grab a piece for yourself and then ask him if he wants any. It's the easiest way to make friends.

17 Wow, You're Gorgeous

Wow, You're Gorgeous If you're feeling particularly bold one day, then you can use this line as your ice breaker. You can do it!

Now you'll be able to introduce yourself to men wherever you go. What's your best ice breaker?

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