17 Ways for Shy Girls to Flirt with Their Crush ...


17 Ways for Shy Girls to Flirt with Their Crush ...
17 Ways for Shy Girls to Flirt with Their Crush ...

You can flirt with your crush, even if you're shy. You just have to take baby steps that'll help you work your way up to flirting with him like a pro. Here are a few things you can do to get your crush's attention at first:

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Add Him on Social Media

Add Him on Social Media It doesn't matter how shy you are. You can do this. All you have to do is press that "follow" or "friend" button. It's not that difficult.


Message Him

Message Him Now that you're friends with him on social media, you should talk to him over social media. Ask him about the homework or when the next big football game is if you'd like. Be as casual as you're comfortable with.


Make Eye Contact

Make Eye Contact The next time you see him in person, look him in the eyes. It's scary, but you can do it. He's just a regular person, like you are.


Smile at Him

Smile at Him Once you're comfortable making eye contact with him, you should smile at him. If he smiles back, then it'll make your day.


Ask Him to Hang out in a Group

Ask Him to Hang out in a Group If he's a friend of a friend, then this should be easy. Ask him to hang out in a big group, so that it doesn't seem like you're interested in him and only him.


Look Good in Front of Him

Look Good in Front of Him Dress your best whenever you know you're going to see him. Looks aren't everything, but it can't hurt to look lovely.


Wear Flirty Perfume

hair, person, nose, brown hair, beauty, Most men are attracted to the scent of vanilla and lavender. Try finding a perfume with those notes in it.


Sit Facing Him

Sit Facing Him If he knows anything about body language, then he'll realize you're fascinated by him if you're always pointed toward him. Even if he's clueless when it comes to stuff like that, he might subconsciously pick up on the move.


Play with Your Hair

Play with Your Hair You've seen women do this in movies. Don't go crazy. Just play with a strand or two as you're talking to him or looking at him.


Ask Him for Help

Ask Him for Help Boys love to feel like heroes. The next time you need help lifting something or opening something, ask him if he can give you a hand.


Compliment Something Small

Compliment Something Small You don't have to compliment him on his hot body. Just make a casual comment about his phone or sneakers.


Laugh at His Jokes

color, facial expression, photograph, person, photography, Men like women who smile. Try to act like you're in a good mood whenever he's nearby, so you seem like fun to be around.


Cheer Him on at a Game

Cheer Him on at a Game If you go to his games, he'll see that you're interested in the things that he's interested in. That's always a good thing.


Apply Lipstick in Front of Him

red, person, nose, lip, mouth, Draw attention to your lips in any way that you can. It'll make him think about kissing you.


Act Confident

Act Confident Men love confident women. That's why you should act like you're hot stuff, even if you don't think you are.


Go to the Places He Goes

person, girl, beauty, snapshot, brown hair, Don't become a stalker. But if you happen to hear that he's going to a certain event, you might want to go there, too.


Look at His Lips

Look at His Lips When you're in the middle of a conversation with him, look down at his lips. It'll let him know you've been thinking about kissing him.

Now you can flirt with your crush, even if you're super shy. What other flirting tips do you have for shy girls?

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This article is spot-on. 😉👍

Yeah never over think things. I have before and it made me feel so awkward. I just try to be casual and not think about what I’m about to do too much.

I need this so much! ;)

I realize if I’m going to do any of this, then it needs to seem natural and not over thought about beforehand.

It is difficult 😏

I'm seeing my crush real soon! I am going to apply all these tips when I do!

Good article


I tried to do most of that with my crush but it seems very awkward at the end

omg🙈 I've been unconsciously doing some of these~🙈

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