Simple Quotes about Love You're Going to Fall for ...


Simple Quotes about Love You're Going to Fall for ...
Simple Quotes about Love You're Going to Fall for ...

There is no other emotion more powerful than love and some of the simplest quotes about the language of love can really capture this emotion so magically and poetically! Love can literally move mountains. It’s a universal energy that can make us foolish at times, and as ‘they’ say, love is blind! Here are some amazing quotes about the language of love that I’d love to share with you.

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William Sharp

William Sharp I particularly enjoy quotes about the language of love that are simple, yet can make us think, like this one by William Sharp. When we fall in love, it takes us on a journey that can be likened to one of the craziest, most beautiful dreams ever. It’s a beautiful dream world that can only be seen through the hearts of two that are joined as one. If we are able to remain in that love-like state forever, then love really is a beautiful dream!


Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer Love is letting go of fear and I think this quote does justice to describing that. If we can learn to let go a little bit and even open our hearts just a smidgen, love will come through. It’s not easy, and in fact it is one of the hardest things to do in life, especially, when there are so many walls built up around our hearts. Be patient as love pays off.



Anonymous Once found, love can really pay off. Not only does it take you on a journey, it can truly enrich your life for the better, as it creates a space in your life in which all other emotions can be experienced. I love how this quote is so profound. I really hope that everyone gets to experience love in this lifetime that is as timeless as the tides and as deep as the sea!


Old Adage

Old Adage Now, I don’t know exactly how true this is or where this adage came from, but I believe it’s conveying that true love has such a powerful bond, and when you truly love someone from a deep place, that bond is hard to break. If someone does something harmful to you, you don’t (really) need to apologize, because the bond and love you share is that much stronger. Not always the case but I like the essential point.


Katherine Hepburn

Katherine Hepburn This is such a great quote; love does not operate like a bank in that we get out what we put in. Instead, sometimes we have to practice true love by going against our own selfish desires. Practice by asking not what can I get, but what can I give? Over time, our capacity for love grows and develops, and it becomes more of our true nature, just like a flower emits a scent.

Famous Quotes

Happiness depends upon ourselves.


Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Antoine De Saint-Exupéry How true is this? I know that whenever I’m in a relationship, I want to know that the person I’m with feels the same way and is on the same wavelength. Loving another is all about having similar goals, wants, and desires in life. If not, then love seems kind of pointless, doesn’t it?


Marge Piercy

Marge Piercy I think Marge is stating that the miracle of love moves in a circle, just like life does, and when we give love in an openhearted fashion, it does come back to us. By learning to understand someone, or something, you’ll eventually strip away the fear, the uneasiness, the discomfort and you’re left with love that has no object – love that is given without any expectation of return.

Love can be hard to break down into simple sentences, but these authors and poets have done a great job. What are some simple quotes on love you resonate with?

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Number 4 is so shitty it's saying your relationship should be perfect and hat never happens with ANYTHING or ANYONE

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