Simple Quotes about Love You're Going to Fall for ...

There is no other emotion more powerful than love and some of the simplest quotes about the language of love can really capture this emotion so magically and poetically! Love can literally move mountains. It’s a universal energy that can make us foolish at times, and as ‘they’ say, love is blind! Here are some amazing quotes about the language of love that I’d love to share with you.

1. William Sharp

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I particularly enjoy quotes about the language of love that are simple, yet can make us think, like this one by William Sharp. When we fall in love, it takes us on a journey that can be likened to one of the craziest, most beautiful dreams ever. It’s a beautiful dream world that can only be seen through the hearts of two that are joined as one. If we are able to remain in that love-like state forever, then love really is a beautiful dream!

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