Single Ladies, Rejoice! Here's How to Make 2015 Our Year! ...

Being single is not easy. Actually, I would say it’s one of the hardest times in a woman’s life. Finding someone you could spend the rest of your life with, thinking you found him, only to have your heart broken again. And then, when you feel defeated in life, you pick yourself up and try again, only to have it all happen all over again. Ouch! It’s hard! And so tonight, when the clock strikes twelve, tell yourself that it’s quite alright to be single because here are ten ways we’re going to make 2015 our year!


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A New Year is most exciting because it has no memory yet. And nothing is more alluring to a single woman than starting the year with a clean love slate. Forget all the relationship hardships you had in 2014 and keep your heart open, despite the many times you’ve been hurt. 2015 is a new Love Chapter for you. The only way to continue on with the story of you life is by moving forward but not by turning the pages backward or closing the book altogether.


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No more bitter feelings or anger about the guy who left you jilted, angry, or heartbroken. This is going to be the year that you finally realize that you did in fact luck out the day he walked out of your life. The guy was a prick! No more bitter feelings. You WILL find someone better.

3. ME, MYSELF, and I

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Make this year all about YOU! There is nothing wrong with thinking about ways to make yourself happy, taking yourself out for a date, or buying yourself the things that make you happy. Begin or continue to love the beautiful, fearless, amazing, determined, and independent Titan that you are despite the haters who want to bring you down.


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Being single means we’ve come across a lot of guys who don’t meet our expectations and that’s fine. We have standards… keep them… someone is going to meet them this year. A genuine gentleman who still believes in opening the car door for a girl, surprises her with flowers, and remembers that it's the small things that matters. A man who tells you you're beautiful even without any makeup; one who makes the time for you even when he doesn't always have it, and who would go out of his way to do the things that he wouldn't normally do only because it makes you smile. Someone who texts or calls you randomly just to let you know he's thinking of you. And most important, a man who won't stop doing everything listed above the moment he feels he has ‘closed the deal.’


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Be strong enough to walk away from a relationship that isn't right for you. The moment your female intuition tells you that you don't believe this is going to work or that he's not the man for you, walk away! Time is something none of us is at liberty of getting back, so don't waste yours. But also, don’t allow the overwhelming and anxious feelings of being single to make you take the "I'm going to settle" route. You set standards for a reason. Don't change that for anyone! Someone is going to meet those standards. Remember all good men come to singles that wait.


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If you face a breakup this year or have your heart broken, have the courage to continue to make yourself vulnerable. Because let's face it, no man is worth closing your heart. Why, because somewhere out there is someone who will actually cherish you. Don't let anyone make you lose your ability or the will to love again. That’s how you’re going to find love this year!


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Even when you’re spending your nights alone with a cup of ramen noodles, don’t stop believing in fairy tales. I mean come on ladies, Cinderella cleaned chimneys for years before finding her prince. Anything can happen at any time. Perhaps when you least expect it. Don't ever forget that!


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And last, but certainly not least, and in my single opinion, the most important of them all, when you meet a guy this year, always remember that Friday nights are girls night out, even after you've met 'The One' because nothing in this world beats time spent with the women who were there for you when every other guy broke your heart and they always will be.

May the upcoming year give you more success than you could ever have imagined, memories to last you a lifetime, countless dreams fulfilled, unexpected and alluring surprises and of course enough money to hit up a few Macy's Racks to stock up your heel rack because lets face it, every single lady needs a damn good pair of heels, so that you can strut your fabulous tush through what's bound to be an amazing year for all.

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