Summer Loving the Most Seductive Kissing Spots for the Season ...


Summer Loving  the Most Seductive Kissing Spots for the Season ...
Summer Loving  the Most Seductive Kissing Spots for the Season ...

Everyone dreams of having a perfect kiss. Maybe your first kiss wasn't the most exciting thing in the world, but that doesn't mean that all of your other kisses have to be bland. Grab your partner, head to a romantic location, and start locking lips to create memories that'll last a lifetime. If you need some ideas, here are the most seductive kissing spots for the season:

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Kiss in the Sand

Kiss in the Sand You're bound to go to the beach with your boyfriend once the sun comes out. I mean, you need to show off your brand new bathing suit, don't you? Kissing in the sand while looking out at the water is about as romantic as it gets. Think of all the Instagram opportunities. There are plenty of romantic pictures of couples kissing near hand-drawn hearts in the sand, and you could be one of them!


As the sun kisses your skin, let the gentle sea breeze whip through your hair while you plant a soft kiss on your partner's lips. The sound of the rolling waves mixed with the rustling palm leaves creates a natural symphony, setting a picturesque scene. With the horizon stretching endlessly, it's like the universe conspires to frame this perfect moment. And as the day winds down, the fiery sunset provides a stunning backdrop—nothing short of magical. Capture this moment and freeze it in time, for it's the epitome of summer love.


Kiss in the Ocean

Kiss in the Ocean What's more romantic than reenacting the Dirty Dancing scene in the ocean? Kissing in it, of course! As long as there aren't any massive waves that end up knocking you two over, it'll be romantic. Saltwater won't even taste bad when it's on his lips.


Kiss in a Tent

Kiss in a Tent Go on a camping trip with a bunch of your friends and then start making out in the tent with your man. Knowing that others are so close by will get your adrenaline pumping and will make the experience a sexy one. Just don't get caught! Your friends don't need to know what you two do when you're all alone.


Kiss on a Ferris Wheel

Kiss on a Ferris Wheel Now that it's warm and sunny out, there should be some carnivals coming to town. When they do, make sure to go with your boyfriend. Not only can he win you a teddy bear and share cotton candy with you, but you can climb onto a Ferris wheel and kiss when you reach the top of it. Come on, you've seen it happen in so many movies that you have to try it at least once yourself.


Kiss on a Boat

Kiss on a Boat Go ahead, fulfill your lifelong dream of holding your partner in the way Leo held Kate. If you're too terrified to step onto a boat because of the whole Titanic situation, then you can settle for kissing while sitting on a dock with your feet in the water. You'll still be looking out at the ocean, so your scenery should be just as romantic as it would be on that boat.

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Kiss under the Stars

Kiss under the Stars Summertime is the perfect time for a midnight picnic. Even when the sun sets, it should still be pretty warm out, which means that you can look up at the stars while drinking wine and swapping stories--and of course, kissing.


Kiss beside a Waterfall

Kiss beside a Waterfall Okay, you might have a hard time finding a waterfall. If there aren't any in your town or even your state, then you can settle for taking a romantic hike together and kissing when you reach the peak of the trail. That way, you'll still get a sweet kiss while surrounded by nature.

Make your relationship flourish this season by kissing your man in as many locations as possible! Is there a special place where you've always wanted to be kissed?

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Under the*

Hmm butterflies, done quite a few of those - think I like kissing under the stars the most ^_^

I would LIKE my first kiss to be inferirse stars i LIKE all of these except the hiking thing

Totally kissed my SO on a boat last weekend while fishing. It was quite romantic. Almost crashed into the dock, but it was totally worth it.

been there done that loved it hehehe

I like to be kissed in a Forrest at night under the stars buy my wife.

i live by that waterfall lol

Wouldn't want to kiss after hiking.. I would feel sweaty and gross!

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