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Super Cute Gifts for Him on Valentine's Day ...

By Leiann

Miss Alexa Katherine's creative personality shines through in this YouTube video. Is he always hungry? Does he like beer? Is he into fitness? Stay tuned to find out his perfect Valentine's Day gift!

1 Gift Cards

Pick out his favorite food establishment to buy a gift card from. Then, make up a cute poster with a cute statement to glue it to, using the statement such as "I love you more than you love _____". Burgers, pizza, subs, etc.

2 Beer Glasses

Using a black Sharpie, write "Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beer Holder" on a dollar store beer glass. He is going to think of you with every buzz.

3 Protein

Create a homemade gift basket with a protein theme. Use items such as a bottle of whey protein, a plastic drinking bottle, protein bars, and small individual cartons of milk such as muscle milk, etc. Wrap with cellophane with a gift tag saying, "I Am Whey Into You".

Which is your favorite? I like them all!

So, get ahead for this Valentine's Day and put some good thought into a present. I think with these suggestions, you are going to be prepared.

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