5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Man ...


5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Man ...
5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Man ...

When an appropriate gift-giving occasion comes along, are you totally stumped on what (or whether) to get for your guy? Even if you are hesitant, we’ve got plenty of reasons why we’re all in favor, be it for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or his birthday. It’s fun, it’s thoughtful, it’s kind, and it’s a chance to flex some creativity. We get it...knowing what exactly to get can be intimidating. But giving something special to the lucky man in your life doesn’t mean you have to spring for a Rolex (but hey, if you can, knock yourself out).

By finding something thoughtful to give him on a certain special day, it’s a form of affection. You’re showing him that you care about him by paying attention to what he likes. A nice gift needn’t be super sappy, or overtly expensive - in fact, shopping on a budget often begets more creativity. So, whether you’ve been together a month or a decade, it’s totally possible to get inspired and find him something he’ll love!

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Random Merch. 

Maybe a key pillar in your relationship is a sense of humor. Sometimes a gift can celebrate his random celeb crush, or even better, his celeb man crush! I don’t know about you, but my fiancé is wildly obsessed with Tyler Cameron from the Bachelorette. So, what’d I get him for V-Day? This hoodie with TC happily holding up a slice of pizza. Too easy. Does your boyfriend love cuddling? Give him this fun and huggable avocado he can snuggle with when you’re away. It heats up in the microwave and it smells like lavender (which, by the way, studies have shown is a scent favorite among men). A gift this cute will make him melt.

Bottom line: don’t be afraid to get silly with it. He’ll love your confidence to get him something fun.

Grooming kit.

As great a gift category as this can be, consider holding off on this one until you’re comfortable enough around each other to share certain intimacies-like shopping for his ball deodorant or crotch trimmers. Just saying.

If you do opt to give him grooming products, brands like Manscaped are a smooth place to start (see what we did there). Rob Gronkowski appeared in a hilarious TV commercial for Manscaped, where he’s frantically searching for his [foot]balls until his gorgeous blonde wife tosses him Manscaped’s “Lawn Mower” trimmer to “help him find his balls”. Their mantra is “refining the gentlemen”, so refine your guy with a down-there grooming kit.


Typically, men don’t pay as much attention to their skincare routine as their ladies likely do for theirs. Because skincare usually spells e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e, check out the men’s brand Jack Black. My dermatologist actually recommended I shop this brand for my man, touting how much her husband loves their products. Your man will, too. Their formula feels great, they offer a ton of product options, and their gear is marketed and packaged strictly for dudes.

And for the quality, their price point is excellent. They also offer gift sets, from shaving to anti aging to sun protection to manscaping. Happy shopping!


For clothes, consider how his day-to-day “uniform” might have shifted during the pandemic. Is he working from home far more and needn’t don a suit everyday, but may still want to dress well? If so, shop around for casual-chic menswear. Clever brands like Bally have you (and your beau) covered, shod, and accessorized. Stylish? Check. Sustainable? Check. Unique? Check. Fabulously Swiss? Mais oui.

There’s more: they’ve also carefully curated a specific list of men’s gift ideas for men on their website. You’re welcome.

Might we suggest something distinctly unique, such as a pair of their fashion sneakers, or a selection from their men’s designer sliders?

Cook dinner at home. 

If you're looking for something to incorporate with your night-in plans, check out a mealkit, something the two of you can cook together at home. Blue Ribbon offers an at-home sushi making kit, Maine oyster company ships Eros, Love Point, and Aphrodite oysters (aphrodisiacs on a platter? Yes please!), and Omaha Steaks is featuring a Sweetheart’s Surf and Turf meal for two. There are many options to choose from to have both your mouths watering and falling in love at first bite.

Don’t forget dessert… 

Have him saying Mmmmm, mmmm! With the perfect dessert that really hits the spot. Check out Gold Belly, a delivery service offering yummy dinners and desserts, deliverable nationwide. Cookies and donuts and cakes, oh my! Lose yourself scrolling their dizzying list of options, from I Love You donuts to giant heart brownies to a special Date Night Box...and literally everything in between.

Whatever you decide, celebrate the special moment that is exchanging gifts with someone special. With some creativity and paying attention, you’ll find (or make) something that will make him feel super special. 

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