8 Sure Signs It's Time to Move on ...


Figuring out the signs it's time to move on isn't easy. Being in a relationship and then breaking up is hard, but the signs it's time to move on are different for everyone. So ladies, I've got some surefire signs it's time to move on and stop dwelling on the past. I knew these signs will help you figure out if you are dwelling too long and it's time to move on.

1. He Has Moved on

So you've been broken up for a few weeks now and he's already moved on. I think right there is one of the signs it's time to move on too. It's obvious that he's getting on with his life and it's time for you to get on with your life too. No sense dwelling on the past right?

It's Been Months


Hey Blossom! I'd try to reach out to him, maybe see if you can get him to talk to you, maybe see if you two could work it out.
blossom me
Hello, Heather I wish I could rekindle my relationship to him but I'm now so confused we get along and suddenly madly hated each other company. Atm I was pushed by him and I'm not sure if he coul...
Hey Blossom! Have you talked to lately? It might be good to rekindle that romance.
blossom me
I agree in everything you stated here. I'm totally disappointed to myself when I know it's all my fault and in the end i deeply hurt and suffering too my own stupidity. I met someone online 3yrs ago ...
Hi Zoe. I advise you to not give up, too many people these days don't try to work out their issues and as a soon as say they have a fight they either break-up or divorce but it shouldn't be like that....
Zoe Mercedes
It's not been going so well between me and my bf. I think I'm the one executing no. 7 and feeling no.4... We met each other when we were depressed. Now, after a year I got over the depression and I fe...
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