7 Sure Signs You're Ready for Marriage ...


7 Sure Signs You're Ready for Marriage ...
7 Sure Signs You're Ready for Marriage ...

Are you thinking about settling down and wondering if there are some signs you’re ready for marriage to help you determine if you’re headed down the right path? I’m here to help! Marriage is a huge decision and it’s best to think things through very thoroughly before getting engaged and saying I do. Read on for 7 sure signs you’re ready for marriage so you can feel good about walking down the aisle! Just because you've been dating someone a while, doesn't mean that, that is a sign you're ready for marriage!

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Monogamy Sounds Appealing

One of the sure signs you’re ready for marriage is when you fancy the idea of seeing yourself with only your one and only. If the thought of going out flirting with random guys no longer sounds appealing and you’d rather spend your time with one person, it’s definitely an indication that you’re prepared to get serious with someone special. No need to waste time with Mr. Right Now’s when you have Mr. Right!


Downtime is a Good Time

If you enjoy doing mundane tasks like chores and grocery shopping with your man, it’s another encouraging sign that you’re ready to get hitched. Couples who are ready to get married can enjoy doing absolutely nothing with each other. Marriage-minded couples can sit in silence without being upset with each other and can have just as much fun out with people as they do staying in and watching TV together at night.


Bring out the Best

Wanting to be your best self for your mate is a solid sign you’re ready for marriage. Sure, your friends and family can bring out the best in you also, but if your boo makes you want to be the best you can be and brings out your great qualities, you’ve got a keeper that you can definitely feel good about spending the rest of your life with! No matter how much we love someone, if they bring out our ugly side, that definitely won’t equal matrimonial bliss.


Your See Your Partner in Your Future

This list of signs you’re ready to tie the knot wouldn’t be complete if you couldn’t see your future without your partner and they without you. Couples who’re ready to get married think of everything in “we” terms and plan their futures around their union. If you still daydream about exes or think about traveling the world alone, your current relationship might not be at the stage where marriage is a priority.


You’ve Sown Your Wild Oats

A sign that you’re ready to make a commitment and get married is when you’re so done with casual hook-ups and rolls in the hay with your friend with benefits. If you fantasize about anyone else besides your mate or you constantly envy your single friends’ wild escapades, you’re still clearly craving the bachelorette life and that’s okay! Marriage is huge, so if you’re not ready, don’t rush!

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Your Values Are Similar

If you and your partner have similar values and needs, it’s a pretty concrete sign that you’re ready for marriage and that you’ll be very compatible. Couples who have differing values and expectations will likely have a difficult time compromising on important decision in the future so if you and your mate have very different ideas on how to raise children or how you spend money, the two of you could have a disharmonious union.


No Secrets

The last of this list of the 7 sure signs you’re ready for marriage is that you keep no secrets from your honey and you’re totally open to discussing everything and anything about yourself with your mate. Marriage-ready couples are open with each other and know each other inside and out. If you feel like you can’t be yourself or you don’t feel comfortable sharing things about your life with your partner, they might not be the one.

This short list of signs you’re ready for marriage could be a lot longer and while these signs might not apply to every couple, these 7 signs are pretty darn good indicators that you and your love are ready to tie the knot and that it’ll last! Marriage isn't for everyone, but for those who have the bride gene, here's to finding your soul mate and a lifetime of happiness!

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