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7 Sure Ways to Break out of the "Sweet Girl" Stereotype ...

By Heather

Learning how to stop being a sweet girl is hard! When you get labeled a sweet girl, a lot of guys actually want a girl that is a little more bad-ass. If you’ve been labeled a sweet girl who is looking for ways on how to stop being a sweet girl and start being a little bad-ass, then you’ve come to the right place! Below, I’ve got the top 7 ways on how to stop being a sweet girl and how to start being a little sexier!

1 Dress a Little Different

Girls, it is never okay to change yourself completely for someone else, but if you are looking for ways for yourself on how to stop being a sweet girl, why not dress a little differently? You do not have to be completely sexy all of the time, but have you thought of getting things that fit you just a little tighter or even changing up the colors that you wear? These are all things that you can to do help move you into something a little less sugary-sweet and a little more grown-up!

2 Be Confident

Bad girls are always the girls that are so outgoing and so confident! If you are one of the shy, sweet girls that is looking for ways on how to stop being a sweet girl, you’ve got to be confident! You are beautiful, you do have a great personality and you would be a catch for any guy in the world! So flaunt it! Be confident in yourself ladies!


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3 Put Yourself out There

Remember when I said that bad girls are outgoing? You’ve got to get some of that in yourself! Walk up to a guy at the bar and ask him out, pull some different sexual moves with your boyfriend – be bold ladies! Nobody can do this step but you and it’s a necessary step to stop being a sweet girl!

4 Write Sexy Notes to Your Boyfriend

Do you have a boyfriend and you know that he typically goes for the bad girls? Why not show your bad girl side and slide in some sexy little notes into his lunch pail or even into his pocket for him to find. It’ll be cute, he’ll love it and who knows what will happen when he gets home!

5 Allow Yourself to Become a Little Bad

Girls, one of the surefire ways on how to stop being a sweet girl is all about the attitude. You’ve got to allow yourself to be a little bad instead of constantly be sweet and good. Give yourself permission to be bad ladies, just sometimes, not all of the time and I promise, he won’t call you sugary sweet anymore!

6 Change Your Hair Color

If you are really looking for a drastic change and really trying to learn how to stop being a sweet girl, change your hair color! Are you a blonde? Go red! It’s a huge thing to change the inside appearance, but your outside appearance can actually make you act differently.

7 Sexier Makeup

Finally, sexy up your makeup! Have you been avoiding big and bold colors? Slap them on! You want to make sure that you are standing out and sexy, bold makeup can do that for you! This is absolutely one of the best ways on how to stop being a sweet girl!

While you do not ever have to change yourself for anyone, it is good to know how to stop being a sweet girl sometimes and how to start being a little bad. So girls, do you have any other tips on how to stop being a sweet girl?

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