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7 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Cope when Your Man Gets Sick ...

By Melissa

Relationships have their ups and downs, such as dealing with a sick boyfriend or husband. Men get what I like to call the “man flu.” For us it’s the same thing as a cold. It may wear us down for a day, but nothing more. However, when that same little cold meets the man in our lives you would think the whole world was coming to an end. Now that the cold and flu season is upon us these relationship tips: 7 surprisingly effective ways to cope when your man gets sick should help you through this tough time in your relationship.

1 Be Prepared

The best relationship tip for any situation is always be prepared. To prepare for a sick man you are going to need a good recipe for chicken noodle soup and all the needed ingredients on hand, some strong nighttime cold and flu medicine, ear plugs, shot glass and your favorite liquor.

2 Empathy

I know it’s hard to show empathy when you are getting over the same cold your man now has, but yet some how managed to suck it up and run a marathon with it, while he now lays curled up like a baby. In his mind he believe death is looming near. At this point the only relationship tip I can give you is empathize. Tell him you understand how bad he feels and how much you want him feel better, for your own sanity sake.

3 Spoil Him

Chances are on his better days your man has followed the relationship tip of taking pretty good care of you, why else would you be with him. Now it’s time to spoil him right back with a little extra care and love. Break out your chicken noodle soup arsenal and make him a nice homemade meal. Keep him comfy with warm blankets and fluffy pillows. Just be warned this extra care will not make him better any faster.

4 Tune Him out

Normally I wouldn’t suggest ignoring your man as a good relationship tip, but in the case of the “man flu” you might just need to for now. You see one of the major symptoms of “man flu” is insane whining. They feel the need to share their every discomfort through ear cringing whines and moans. Let your hair down and pop in the some ear plugs to tune him out.

5 Play a Game

I’m not talking about a nice game of Monopoly or Yahtzee. Come on this dude has the “man flu.” He is on his death bed. He can not be bothered with these trivial little games. You, however, deserve to have a little fun. Grab the liquor and a shot glass. Drink a shot every time he complains about something ridiculous, over reacts, or is just being plain dumb. Be warned this game may have you two sheets to the wind quickly.

6 Keep It a Secret

Keeping secrets in a another relationship tip no-no, but when it comes to dealing with a sick man the rules are different. You can not tell this guy about the “man flu.” He thinks he has a cold or maybe the flu, but we know that men can only get the “man flu.” Do you remember the panic set out by the Pig Flu a couple of years ago? This same hysteria would begin if they found out about the “man flu.”

7 Send Him Packing

Again abandonment isn’t such a great relationship tip, but girl you deserve a break. After you have had all you can take, pack him up and send him to his momma. Besides, it’s probably all her extra babying that made him such a pain to deal with while having a little runny nose and low fever.

After reading these 7 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Cope When Your Man Gets Sick you should be well versed in how to handle this years cold and flu season. Let me know how these relationship tips have worked for you and any others you have found useful. Us women need to stick together during times like these, so please share your thoughts!

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