7 Ways to Bring Your Man out of a Bad Mood ...


7 Ways to Bring Your Man out of a Bad Mood ...
7 Ways to Bring Your Man out of a Bad Mood ...

If you want to bring your man out of a bad mood, I have help for you. Let’s just be honest. Men talk about women being moody, but they can certainly hold their own in this category. A man in a bad mood is no fun to be around. Here are some great ways to bring your man out of a bad mood and get back to enjoying your time together.

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Give Him Air Space

If you want to bring your man out of a bad mood, start by asking him if he wants to talk about what’s wrong. Sometimes men do, sometimes men don’t. But they should have the opportunity to air what is bugging them just like we want to when we are stressed about something. Be a good listener and allow him to talk as long as he wants to talk. Try not to butt in with comments until he wants to hear them.



Don’t we all want sympathy when something is going badly? I know I do. Sympathy does not necessarily change the situation, but it does help you to feel like someone understands what you are going through. Give your man some sympathy when he is in a bad mood. Tell him you understand why he might feel the way he does.


Do Something Nice for Him

Sometimes, when we are in a bad mood, a nice gesture can help us to snap out of it. Men are no different than women in this. They enjoy a thoughtful gesture when they are having a rough day, too. Fix his favorite meal. Call to tell him you are thinking of him. The options are limitless here.


Show Some Skin

Yes, ladies, I am suggesting that you let him take his mind off of his troubles and put them on you. Why not wear something you know he likes when he is in a bad mood? If he doesn’t catch the signal that you are available you may have to be a little more direct. You can even tell him that you know something that would make his bad mood go away very quickly. Even if time alone together isn’t feasible at that moment, you have certainly given him something else to think about.


Ignore Him

This is not my first choice, but if your man is in a bad mood and he doesn’t want to talk about it and you can’t determine what is going on, let him be. If he wants to sulk, let him. You have tried to help and he isn’t interested so don’t let it ruin your day. Go on your merry way and enjoy yourself.


Suggest an Activity

Sometimes distraction can bring your man out of a bad mood. What does he like to do? Think of an activity that you enjoy together and suggest it. Getting your mind off of your troubles is helpful and he may be glad that you made a suggestion. An additional benefit is that you can get some valuable couple time, too.


Encourage Him to do Something for Himself

There are just times he has to work things out for himself, without you being involved. That is okay. It doesn’t reflect on your relationship in any way. Maybe he needs to tinker with the car he is restoring out in the garage or meet up with some buddies to watch a game. Give him the freedom to do something without you and he will come back to you a happier man.

We are just scratching the surface here. There are many other things you can do to bring your man out of a bad mood. What are some that you have tried?

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This is awesome thank you for sharing this because yes a man in a bad mood is definitely no fun at all

My boyfriend is dealing with depression and I hit on almost all of these except for the ignoring one because I love him too much but I really noticed that he likes it when I hug him and tell him how much he means to me and so many people. Nice to know that the writer of this has pretty much the same mind set as myself.

Oh, I know how you feel! Lol.

If he is in a bad mood, i don't think ignoring him will help...

A sick one might be worse too lol they can get cranky

Great list. Been with my bf for a few years now and have done all of these many times. The best thing I can do is either let him tell me what's wrong and sympathize, or just to give him some space for a while.

Leaving him for a bit works

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