Sweet Lips Tips for Girls Wanting to Improve Their Kissing Skills ...


Sweet Lips Tips for Girls Wanting to Improve Their Kissing Skills ...
Sweet Lips Tips for Girls Wanting to Improve Their Kissing Skills ...

How many articles have you read about kissing that advise you to be adventurous and different in order to be sexy? The thing that’s great about kissing is that it doesn’t need to be complicated to be fantastic. If you do it right, there’s no need to get your lips and tongues in a twist trying all manner of complicated tricks. Master the basics, be a great kisser and if you have the emotional connection, when you lock lips, there’ll be fireworks.

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Close Your Eyes at the Last Second

Close Your Eyes at the Last Second Don’t close your eyes until the very last second, because if you close them too early there can be a whole host of catastrophes like bumping into each other, missing his mouth, the list goes on and on!


Keep those peepers open until the final moment to capture the full cinematic romance of it all. By doing so, you'll reduce any awkward missteps and build anticipation, making that kiss even more electrifying. Just imagine the slow-motion, heart-pounding moments before lips finally meet – it's the stuff of rom-com magic. Once you're sure you've got the aim right, feel free to let those eyelids flutter shut and enjoy the sweet symphony of a perfect kiss.


Less Tongue

Less Tongue When we are younger we all learn about French kissing and just think that it means putting your whole tongue in and hoping for the best, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! A little tongue action is fine, but keep it respectful and keep it minimal!


Being an exceptional kisser is about reading the moment and gauging your partner's comfort. While the image of a passionate French kiss with excessive tongue can loom large in the imagination, subtlety is often more tantalizing and satisfying. A soft brush along the lips, a delicate exploration rather than an overeager incursion, can stoke the fires of desire far more effectively. Remember, it's more about quality than quantity; a nuanced approach invites a deeper connection and can leave a lingering sense of intimacy.


Switch It up

Switch It up Don’t let the kissing action get monotonous and boring. Switch it up by changing tongue direction, go from the top lip to the bottom lip, maybe even throw in a cheeky nibble if you’re feeling confident.


Remember to play with the rhythm and pressure, too. A gentle peck can be just as thrilling as a passionate, intense kiss. Feel the moment and let your instincts guide you. If you sense your partner enjoys a particular style, tease them with it, then pull back and build anticipation. It's all about creating a dynamic experience that will keep both of you on your toes. And don't forget about the rest of the face—soft kisses on the eyelids, nose, or forehead can add a tender touch that amplifies the intimacy.


Be Gentle

Be Gentle Many people make the mistake of going in too hard for a kiss like they see in the movies. The general rule for a good starting point is to go in about 50% more gentle than you think, and then work your way from there.


When locking lips, imagine you're handling a delicate flower that could be easily crushed. This same concept should guide your approach to kissing. Remember that a kiss is not just a physical connection, but an intimate exchange that speaks volumes through a simple touch. Delicate pecks can build anticipation, while a soft, lingering kiss might send shivers down the spine. By tuning into the responses of your partner and respecting their comfort level, you'll create a rhythm that is both inviting and sensational. So, start off with a featherlight touch and let the chemistry guide you deeper.



Handsy Don’t let you hand just fall by your side and rest still. Get them involved by touching your partner’s hair or feeling their body. It can really intensify the make out session!


Using your hands purposefully can elevate the entire kissing experience. Gently caress your partner's cheek or run your fingers through their hair—such subtle gestures add a layer of intimacy. Explore by tracing patterns along their arms or lightly pulling them closer, feeling the warmth and contours of their body. The key is to be tender yet present; your touch should whisper sweet intentions and make your partner long for more. Be mindful, though, to gauge their comfort and adapt accordingly—good chemistry is about moving in sync with each other's desires.



Listen Listen to your partner, both in a verbal sense and a body language sense. If they don’t enjoy something that you are doing, work together to work it out.


Really tune in to what your partner is communicating without words. Notice the subtle ways they respond to your kisses—a gentle sigh, a slight shiver, or even a soft nudge towards a preferred angle. These clues are invaluable for understanding their pleasure. Remember, every move can speak volumes, so keep an open heart as well as open ears. It's this attentive connection that can transform a good kiss into a magical one. And if there's uncertainty, don't be afraid to gently ask what they like. A whisper of "How does this feel?" can continue the intimacy without breaking the moment.


Nose Breathing

Nose Breathing Concentrate on breathing through your nose. There is nothing to kill a sexy mood like somebody tearing away from your mouth to gasp for air!


When you breathe through your nose, you maintain a smooth rhythm and keep the moment intimate and connected. Remember, it's a dance of synchronized movements and affectionate gestures. Keep it all about the tenderness and the build-up without breaking apart for that awkward air haul. Also, nose breathing helps keep your calm, ensuring that your kiss doesn't turn into a frantic, messy scramble. Inhale the scent of your partner's skin and perfume—it's all part of the enchanting sensory experience of a lingering kiss.



Tease Create some sexy tension by indulging in a spot of teasing. Don’t give them whole kiss at once. Play with them and make them ache for it!


Building the anticipation can send shivers down your partner's spine. Flirt with the edges of their lips, gently brushing yours against theirs, almost like whispering a secret without touching. A soft peck, followed by pulling away just slightly, can ignite a fire of desire. Let your breath mingle, and when you feel their yearn growing, pull back again. It's this dance of closeness and distance that can turn a simple kiss into an unforgettable experience, leaving them longing for more. Remember, anticipation is often as heady as the kiss itself.


Fresh Breath

Fresh Breath Be considerate of your partner and always make sure you have the freshest breath; nothing worse than a pizza-flavored smooch!


Make a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly. If you're on the go, carry mints or a small bottle of mouthwash for a quick refresher. Chewing gum is also a handy option, but make sure to dispose of it before your intimate moment. Foods like parsley or mint can naturally combat bad breath, so consider including them in your meals when you know a kissing session may be on the cards. Your attentiveness to these small details shows that you care, making every kiss a delectable treat for your significant other.


Lip Balm

Lip Balm When it comes to a long kissing session, lip balm is your best friend. Keep those lips nice and moist and you won’t encounter any annoying dryness problems along the way!


Before puckering up, choose a lip balm that suits your skin type, and why not go for one with a pleasant scent or flavor to add a little extra to the experience? Apply it a few minutes before the kiss to let it absorb - your partner will immediately notice the smoothness. Also, keep in mind, if you've got sensitive skin, look for balm free from irritants like menthol or camphor and opt for natural moisturizers like shea butter or coconut oil. Consistent use of lip balm can also prevent chapping, making you irresistibly kissable at all times.


Slow then Build

Slow then Build Start off nice and slow, exploring what you both like, and then build up the pace and tension. It’s the best way to do it!


Dive into the moment with gentle beginnings, savoring each sensation that arises. As your confidence grows, let passion gradually infuse your movements. Listen to the sighs and whispers; these are clues guiding you to intensify or slow down. Remember, synchrony is key: match your partner's energy and let a natural rhythm unfold. The thrill is in the journey, from tender pecks to the heady rush of a deep, intoxicating lock.


No Drool!

No Drool! For the love of god, don’t turn the make out session into a legit saliva swapping contest! Try to control your drool levels.


While some moisture is essential for a good kiss, too much can be a turn-off. Remember to swallow your saliva periodically. If you're someone who gets overly excited or nervous, take small breaks between kisses to close your lips and discreetly swallow. It will make the experience more comfortable for both you and your partner. Plus, keeping the saliva in check means you both get to focus on the tenderness of the kiss rather than the messiness. Keep it sultry and soft, not slobbery.


More than Lips

More than Lips Focus your attention on more than just the lips. The cheeks and neck are also great places to include in a make out session.


Kissing isn't limited to just the lips; it's an immersive experience. Gently stroking the cheeks can create a tender and affectionate vibe, making your partner feel cherished. As you venture further, planting soft kisses down the neck can unleash a world of passion. This sensitive area is loaded with nerve endings that can send shivers down the spine and intensify the connection between you and your partner. These delicate touches and the exploration of new areas show thoughtfulness and a desire to discover every inch of your partner’s being.


Be Helpful

Be Helpful Don’t leave your partner wondering whether they are doing a good job. Be vocal and let them know what you like and what you don’t like, it’s good for everybody.


Be Confident

Be Confident You can always tell when somebody is kissing you that is completely nervous, so try your best to be confident when you lean in for a smooch: the energy really transfers.


Kissing should feel natural and spontaneous, but a touch of self-assurance makes all the difference. Remember, your partner will likely respond to the cues you give. Project an air of ease and assurity, as this can help create a more relaxed and intimate experience for both of you. Don't fret about imperfections – kissing is an explorative journey, not a test. Trust in your allure and charm, embracing the moment fully. After all, confidence is the most attractive accessory you can wear.


No Instructions

No Instructions Don’t do anything dumb like try to trace your name with your tongue in their mouth. Just go with the flow and ignore any of the lame ‘instructions’ that people talk about.


When it comes to kissing, remember that less is often more. Trust your instincts and let the chemistry between you and your partner guide the pace and rhythm. If you're feeling adventurous, gentle nibbles or softly tracing their lips with the tip of your tongue can add spice, but always be in tune with how they respond. Remember, every person has their own kissing style, and it's the mutual adaptation and exploration that makes each kiss unique and electrifying. Stay present in the moment and enjoy the connection — that's the true secret behind a memorable kiss.


Be Responsive

Be Responsive Don’t ignore what your partner is doing just so you can concentrate on your own kissing technique. The aim is to blend into one, not fight each other with your different kissing moves!

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