The Main Types of Marriages ...


The Main Types of Marriages ...
The Main Types of Marriages ...

Marriages come in many different shapes and sizes. However, according to She Knows, there are only four different types. They can be broken down into these categories:

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This type of couple is always fighting. It's strange that they actually stay together, because they make each other more miserable than happy. They tend to break up and get back together again every few weeks.


These types of couples are co-dependent. They hate to go out without each other. They want to spend every waking minute with each other, because they care about their relationship more than anything else.


Socially Involved

Socially Involved These types of couples have the same friend group. Even if they break up, they tend to get back together, because they can't escape each other. They're always stuck at the same events.



Conflict-ridden These types of couples actually enjoying arguing. Whenever one conflict is resolved, they find something else to fight over. It keeps them occupied.

Of course, She Knows forgot about the genuinely happy marriages, where the couples resolve their fights with compromises, because they love each other too much to resort to dirty name calling. What type of relationship do you think you have?

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