The 17 Major Mistakes 😫 Gemini Women ♊️ Make in Relationships 👫 ...


Gemini women are pretty amazing – independent, multifaceted, exciting, unpredictable. You girls keep people guessing, which is both fun and a little maddening sometimes, especially for your lovers. If you find yourself making the same mistakes in your love life over and over, there are certain traits attached to your zodiac sign that might explain why. Do these seem at all familiar to you?

1. You Can Be a Bit Superficial

You Can Be a Bit Superficial

This is something you definitely need to watch out for. You might miss out on a great catch just because you're going by something superficial.

You Are Extremely, Extremely Independent


Leo next please
Angela Williams
I'm a Gemini women and this really got me on point and I need to change some of these things about me when being in a relationship
Not really
Magda Melo
Im between gemini and cancer so a couple of things here are correct
Bettina Julie
Accurate 😱😣😣😪 I also have good qualities
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