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These 7 Tricks Will Get Rid of Your Jealousy ...

By Holly

Jealousy is a natural feeling, but too much of it can ruin a relationship, along with your self-esteem. That's why you need to rearrange your thoughts in order to reduce your jealousy. It'll be difficult to train yourself to think differently, but eventually it'll come as second nature to you. Here are a few tricks that are guaranteed to get rid of your jealousy:

1 Work on Your Relationship

If you truly trust that your partner will never leave you or cheat on you, then there's nothing to be jealous about. Even if a beautiful girl pops up on TV or walks by in a bar, the thought of going after her won't cross his mind. That's why the best way to get rid of your jealousy is to take a close look at your relationship and work on fixing the reasons why you're doubting your man's faithfulness.

2 Change Your Appearance

If you get jealous of every girl you see with beautiful hair, head to the salon to get yours cut. If you get jealous of celebrities who live in mansions, put in a lot of effort at work so you can get a promotion and save up your money for a nice house of your own.

3 Ignore Your Bad Qualities

Make a list of the things that you like about yourself, and what you don't like about yourself. Now, for the next week, avoid looking at those negative things when you walk past a mirror. Only allow yourself to look at the beautiful aspects of yourself. When you start viewing yourself as pretty, you'll stop being so jealous of every beauty queen you see.

4 Don't Compare Yourself to Others

What's the point in comparing yourself to the celebrities you see on magazines or the strangers you see on the street? You aren't entering a competition against them. They're just normal people like you are, so there's no reason to judge them (or yourself).

5 Become Inspired by Other Girls

If you see a woman with a cute shade of lipstick on, don't be jealous of her. Ask her where she got it so you can buy it yourself. Instead of being jealous of the pretty things you see, use them as motivation. Allow beautiful women to inspire you to buy new makeup products and outfits.

6 Find the Root of the Cause

Why exactly are you jealous of the valedictorian of your school? Is it because you wish you could go to a good college like she will, because you wish you could give a speech in front of everyone like she will, or because your parents are disappointed that you didn't do as well as she did? Once you find the root of the problem, it'll be easier to fix it.

7 Focus on Yourself

If you have a severe issue when it comes to jealousy, it's probably due to your own insecurities. That's why you should take some time for yourself in order to figure out how you could build your self-esteem. The more time alone you have, the more you'll learn to love yourself. Once you do, your jealousy will disappear.

Don't let your jealousy ruin your relationship, your self-esteem, or your life. No matter how bad your emotions get, you're strong enough to control them. What has helped you get rid of your jealousy in the past?

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