15 Things Men Love ❀️ in Women More than Good Looks ...


The things men like in women often have nothing to do with looks, bra size or any of the standard things we think men fall for. In fact, although physical appearance is the first thing they notice (don’t we all?), when it comes to settling down, looks often come in last and count the least. Believe it or not, there are at least 15 completely non-physical things men like in women and I’m pretty sure your boyfriend could list many more and confirm that your gorgeous physique, beautiful πŸ‘€ and soft πŸ’‹ are not the only things that made him fall head over heels for you! Interested to learn more about those? Well, read carefully because every man would ❀️ to be with a woman who is…

1. A Good Listener

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Most men appreciate women who are able to just listen – no β€œ I told you so” lines, no lectures, tips or comments regarding what you would do if you were in his place. You know… just sitting, listening (and I mean REALLY listening)… just showing that you care. Oh, and that involves being patient as well, understanding that most men need to β€œprocess” their problems before they can talk about them and learning to say, β€œOkay, baby, whenever you want to talk about it – I’m here for you.” The ability to listen and really hear what's being said is one of the things men πŸ‘ in women because it's so supportive -- and they're much more likely to reciprocate.



Eleanor Joyce
Well wish me luck, hoping that this might be able to help me win the love of my life back! Hmmm.. Love the blog by the way :) xx
Bubba Clinton
The only thing I would add to the list is big jugs.:-)
@Heather Jensen, truly blv u healther
@Heather, I thnk datz wired
good cook??? nah not soo important. humour yeah and taking care of herself too, but not for us, but so she looks even more amazing and we can show the world ;)
My best guy-friends, and my boyfriend, have told me one of the most important things they look for in a girl, if they want something serious, is how smart she is. Also, whether she is interesting- as ...
Lyndsie Robinson
The best advice I can give you is to first decide if you do care about this guy in a special way; if you just want to be friends, that's fine, but if so, you can sort of just let things flow. If you ...
Uhm, hello. I'm not sure if the discussion here is still on going, but i do want to share a problem of mine. I'm still a junior in high school and I'm a girl. I have been through 3 rejections and 1 br...
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