10 Things Single Girls 👩 Are Sick of 😖 Hearing 🙄 ...

If you are the kind of girl who enjoys being single, or you are just a girl who doesn’t have a partner at this very moment in time, then I’m sure you will be more than familiar with the kinds of clichéd things that people think to say to you! You’re not looking for any kind of consolation; you certainly aren’t in the mood for advice, in fact, you aren’t really sure how the subject of your singledom came up in the first place! Here are ten things that single girls are sick of hearing!

1. “You Just Haven’t Met Him Yet”

Cool, thanks for pointing out the obvious, Karen! And anyway, who says that you are actively looking for him at the moment anyway? Being single isn’t some sort of condition that you have to cure as soon as possible!

2. “He’s Just Not That into You”

Equally as annoying is when someone remarks that someone you might be casually seeing just doesn’t like you enough to want to commit to you. Wow, what a confidence boost, thanks a lot Aunt Carol!

3. “Lots of People Start Families Late”

First of all, you are assuming that I actually want children, and second of all, I’m not even thirty yet, I don’t even class myself as doing ‘late’ at this point!

4. “Maybe It’s You”

Oh great, so now not only do you have to live with the fact that you don’t have a boyfriend right now, but you also have to live with the fact that your nearest and dearest think that there is something wrong with you! Thank Uncle Jack!

5. “so, You’re a Career Girl then?”

Why can’t you be both? This kind of thinking where you either have to choose a boyfriend or a great career is ridiculous, what are we, in the 1920s or something?

6. “is It Lonely?”

These kinds of questions say more about the person asking them than you. If they can’t find purpose or contentment without a partner, then poor them. You are perfectly fine, thank you very much!

7. “Are You Seeing Anyone Yet?”

Oh, what, since the last time you asked me three days ago? No, not yet, Sandra, but thank you so much for thinking of me and my love life every second of the day! Don’t you have anything better to do?

8. "Your Biological Clock is Ticking"

So what! Again! Why have you assumed I want children anyway. Maybe I have made the lifestyle choice not be a mom. Plus women are having babies in their 50s these days.

9. "I Know Someone Who is Perfect for You"

No thanks, Julia. If I am desperate for a date I know how to use Tinder and show a bit of cleavage.

10. "I Feel Sorry for You!

Why? How often do I come to complain to you about my life? Have I said I am unhappy? Butt out, lady. I am happy that you are concerned for my well being though, thank you.

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