7 Things That'll Make You Look Desperate and Undesirable ...


When you're looking for a partner, you need to act as if you're looking for a job. That means you need to dress to impress, behave like a lady, and avoid falling into certain traps. If you fail to do those things, you could end up alone for far longer than you'd like. Here are a few things that'll make you look desperate and undesirable that you should avoid doing at all costs:

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Texting Twice

When you're crushing on someone, it's hard to resist texting them. While there's nothing wrong with texting first, there's something off-putting about texting five times in a row when you never received a response the first time. If your crush doesn't answer your texts or phone calls, then you need to get your mind off of him, because sending more messages will only make you look desperate for his attention.


Forgetting Your Friends

If you have plans with your friends, don't cancel them when your crush asks you to hang out. If he really likes you, he'll be fine with rescheduling for a different day. If he finds out that you bailed on your friends to see him, it'll make you look desperate. Plus, it'll make you look like a bad friend.


Living a Lie

If you find out your crush loves A Day to Remember, don't pretend that they're your favorite band in order to get him to like you. He'll eventually find out that you were lying, and when he does, it'll make you seem undesirable to him. No one wants to date a liar, which is why you should always be yourself.


No Life without Love

Your life shouldn't revolve around your crush. If you actually land a date with him and he finds out that you have no hobbies, no job, and no friends, then he's not going to want to spend any more time with you. Men like women who have a life outside of them. You can't focus all of your energy on dating or you'll get nowhere.


Falling Too Fast

On a first date, stick to light topics about celebrities and your favorite foods. If you mention marriage or babies, then the guy is going to make an excuse to bail on you. Talking about starting a life with him on your first outing is a huge red flag. It'll make you look desperate for a family.


Online Obsessiveness

Don't "like" every single one of his Facebook and Instagram photos. Don't reblog all of his tweets, either. If you look obsessed with him online, then he's going to assume that you're obsessed with him in reality. Even though he should take it as a compliment, he's just going to take it as a sign to run the other way.


Settling for Scum

Don't settle for less than you deserve. If you're with a guy who always talks down to you and treats you like dirt, it'll make you look desperate for love, because you know perfectly well that you shouldn't be putting up with him. In order to get back your dignity, leave him in the dust.

No one wants to look desperate, but sometimes it just happens when you're really into a guy. Of course, you can always fix it with a bit of self restraint! Are you guilty of doing any of these desperate acts?

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I used to be the multiple texts in a row girl. Glad I know better now.

A day to remember tho

Thank u :)

The first one got me🙈😄

Now ya tell me!! Lol no, I've learned not to do these things anymore. Lol. Now that I'm older.

I dated someone to get over my ex

Know some people like this. But sips tea!

hahha lol :D i started to smash him kidding !! i wanna know his real reason why he did broke up with me while im a good partner in him ?1

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