7 Reasons to Love the Single Life πŸ’• for the Girls Who Haven't Found Mr. Right Yet πŸ”Ž ...


Hey there, if you are down about being single and not having someone to cuddle with on a Friday night, don’t be! There are some things people in relationships are not able to do due to their commitment and obligation to their significant other, but you definitely can! Take advantage of the time that you have to yourself before you settle down. You have to make the most of every part of your life, and especially the part when you are single.

1. Flirting with Whomever You Want

Once you enter a relationship, you’ll have to have your eyes set on one person only, but hey, since you are single and ready to mingle, flirt away! Perfect your techniques, go on a few dates and socialize with cute guys. We all know it's fun for both parties and let’s face it, innocent flirting never hurt anyone!

Taking Care Solely of Yourself


SunShine Gurl
Reaaaally agree with #6 and #7.
I can really agree with #4
Ehhh...you can do this stuff in a relationship too.
Beryl Stokes
Just enjoy the simple things like staying in the bathroom as long as you like,eating whatever you like and whenever! It's not easy learning to consider someone else once you are married .Being single has the advantage in that you learn to stand on your own feet .
Anna-Marie Martin: this article is not at all saying people in a relation ship are "bad." No you're not a bad person. It is helping confront those who think being single is a bad thing. I've been sing...
Anna-Marie Martin
I do all of these things and I have a boyfriend. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so! You should be thinking about you even when you are in a relationship regardless.
Life goals firts before relationship goal
Alexis Nicole'
While your single really try to reach out to people that you may have forgotten about when you were taken . It pays off
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