11 Things to Get Him for His Birthday ...


My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up soon, so I have been constantly brainstorming things to get him for his birthday. I’m sure you all have had this problem before! It’s hard to find something that doesn’t seem like you didn’t put effort into it. Here are some things to get him for his birthday:

1. A New Outfit

This is one of my favorite things to get him for his birthday! I always shop for clothes for my boyfriend, but it might be a good idea for a birthday present! You can get him a nice shirt with a silk tie that has a special pattern on it. For instance, I have been getting my boyfriend Stanford ties, and he loves them!

A Home Cooked Meal


@Aalia yes! so frustrating!!😤😤
Brilliant ideas can't wait to try them 😊
totally loving the one that says to give him the amount of presents that represents his age.
Takes soo long to. Load😒
I read this, because my girlfriend showt me. I am a man. Some hints: - a pen with inscription - plants for in the garden - books (or travel books) - Eau de toilette - something to use in his hobby
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