7 Things to Not do on Vacation without Him ...


7 Things to Not do on Vacation without Him ...
7 Things to Not do on Vacation without Him ...

Things to Not Do on Vacation without Him are not boring activities that will ruin your vacation. Listen up, ladies. Are you taking a vacation with your friends this summer, and leaving your boyfriend or husband at home? That's totally fine, and while there are things to not do on vacation without him, that doesn't mean you won't be having a great time. A girly trip can and should be a lot of fun, and there’s nothing wrong with going away without your significant other (who may want to travel with his friends), but there are some things that are a definite no-no. Here are 7 things to not do on vacation without your boyfriend.

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There are several things to not do on vacation without your boyfriend that you actually shouldn't ever do, like cheating. This should be absolutely non-negotiable in your own mind! It may be very tempting to enjoy a holiday fling with a handsome waiter or fellow traveler, but the consequences could be devastating. Even if your boyfriend never finds out, it’s not right to do that to someone.


Take Risks

It’s very easy to assume that nothing could possibly happen to you on holiday. However, you need to be as careful – if not more – than you would at home. While you don’t need a man around to protect you, it’s wise to resist extreme risk-taking. Avoid unsafe areas, stay close to friends if you’re travelling in a group, and take taxis when necessary.



Flirting, like cheating, is definitely one of the things to not do on vacation without him. When you’re on vacation without your boyfriend, be very careful about flirting with other men. Getting attention may be flattering, and you may have no intention of it going further, but the flirt may have other ideas. Enjoy a little discreet ‘window shopping’ if you must, but make it clear to any ‘admirers’ that you are NOT interested.


Check up on Him

Are you worried about what your boyfriend might get up to while you are away? Resist the urge to check up on him and quiz him constantly about his whereabouts. If you have no reason to suspect him, then you will look like a clinging nag. If you do have concerns about his behaviour, then consider whether the relationship is worth having, but don’t let pointless worries spoil your trip.



If you're secure in your relationship, then not only is pining one of the things to not do on vacation without him, it's also unnecessary. Grownups can cope with being apart for a week or two, so don’t spend your entire trip pining for your boyfriend like a lovelorn teenager. There’s no need to text him every five minutes either. Concentrate on having a good time on your trip, and enjoy the reunion when you get back!

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Never assume that what you get up to on vacation will stay a secret. If you go with friends, someone may let slip what happened, and gossip travels faster than the speed of light. Or you may accidentally give yourself away somehow. It’s best to avoid doing anything that your boyfriend would reasonably be upset about if he knew.


Anything You Wouldn’t Want Him to do

When you’re on vacation without your boyfriend, behave in the same way you would want him to. So if it would upset you if he flirted and spent his time getting very drunk, then avoid doing such things yourself. It’s only fair to give him the same courtesy as you would expect. The most important things to not do on vacation without him are the same things you don't want him doing without you.

Although there are many things to not do on vacation without him, they don't take away from your fun. In fact, by keeping to this list of things not to do on vacation without him, you'll have an even better time! A vacation without your boyfriend can be enjoyable, and it makes sense if you enjoy different types of trips. There’s no rule that says you have to spend your holiday time together. Plus sometimes it’s nice to go away by yourself or with friends. Let us know of any other important things not to do on vacation without him. Have you ever done anything on holiday that you regretted, and were you found out?

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