7 Things to do for Your Husband ...


7 Things to do for Your Husband ...
7 Things to do for Your Husband ...

I will be the first to admit, I am a newlywed, so I'm still learning about all the things to do for your husband! There are still so many things that I have yet to learn about marriage and commitment. I love learning new things every day about my husband and how to better our marriage. It's been a fantastic journey so far, and I know it will only get better. But there are a few obvious things I've learned all ready. And I have had some of the most amazing and greatest examples to share. I have been given a lot of wonderful advice as well! So I would just like to share with you some things you can do that are sure to help your relationship grow and flourish. Please continue reading if you would like to learn 7 things to do for your husband!

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Admire Him

If there's one thing I know about men, it's this small fact: Men love to be admired by women. And especially their wives! Think of it as an ego booster. They just need to be reassured that they are the best, just like we as women need to be reassured that we are beautiful. So be sure and tell your husband often that you think he is amazing at what he does and that you admire him. Be specific! Tell him what you admire about him and why. I promise you he will love it!


Support Him

My husband always tells me that he knows he can do anything in the world, as long as I'm behind him one hundred percent. My husband is in the military and so you can imagine there are days when I wish his job were less demanding and stressful. Bu I still support him 500% and I couldn't be prouder! My point is, that if your husband is having a bad day, one of the things to do for your husband is let him know that you are behind him no matter what. Maybe he wants to look for a different job or maybe he is getting discouraged with his attempts to learn guitar, fish or get a promotion. Whatever it is, if you support him unconditionally, my guess is he will succeed, or at least die trying!


Cheer Him on

Men love it when we are their biggest fan! My husband is into sports big time. Baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, softball-you name it, he plays it and watches it on TV. I've never been a sports fan-but because I love him, I go to ALL of his games and yes, even watch it on TV with him sometimes. I do enjoy watching him play and have a good time! Maybe your husband doesn't do sports, but he does something! Whatever it is, hunting, fishing, playing musical instruments, video-gaming, or simply working, make sure that you always cheer him on. He needs guy time just like you need girl time!


Respect Him

One of the most important things that you can do for your husband is to respect him. And I mean R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I am old fashioned, but I believe that men are supposed to "wear the pants" in a relationship. Not that the woman has no say of course, but it should be up to the husband to step up and be a man in the household and take care of problems and issues that arise. A man's self esteem can take a huge blow when a woman-particularly his wife-does not respect his preferences and decisions. Not only that, but if you don't respect him he may not respect you. Respect him as a person, but more importantly respect him as your husband and honor his wishes.


Look for the Best in Him

You've always been told to count to 10 and take a deep breath in the heat of a moment. Well, why not try looking for the best qualities in your husband instead of counting meaningless numbers? When you find yourself irritated, think of his good qualities. Chances are, you will be so focused on what you love most about him, you will forget what you are so frustrated over! Besides, thinking of his good qualities can have lasting effects on your relationship. If you always think of his positive qualities, you will always think of him in a good light!


Give Him Space

Couples need quality time, but they also need space. Especially after a stressful day at work, a man may need to just chill and unwind to relax. A woman on the other hand would want to talk about it and get it out of her system. Be mindful of your husband's needs and he will be mindful of yours. There may be times when he doesn't want to "discuss what happened" or want to snuggle in your arms. Let him have the space he needs and I promise he will be fine! That's one of the best things to do for your husband!


Honor Him

Do you remember when you exchanged vows with your husband? Even if it was 20, 30, or 50 years ago, you should still stay true to them! You don't have to roll out the red carpet for him every day when he comes home from work, or sprinkle rose petals where he sits on the couch, but a certain honor should be given him as your husband, the man you treasure and love with all your heart. I'm sure he will do the same for you remember to do this for your husband.

Now that you know some important things to do for your husband, I truly hope this information has helped you to prosper and grow in your relationship together! Do you ever feel like you should make more of an effort to grow closer together? Well, now is the time to start! Do you have any great tips or advice to share on things you can do for your husband? If so, please comment below and have a great day!

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that's great . i love these information

All of the above and most of all love him with all your being :) Spoken like a married woman of 25 years. R

that's great . i love these information thank you for all these information

the one about the men being pants of the family as of 2011 .They're are more chicks running the house hold.and if my husband told me he didnt want to talk about something and touch me ....well he wouldnt we dont have communication problems.we are here for one another to talk to .we are friends,lovers and husband and wife.He should be able to tell me anything.But i run the house i make the calls,but it works for us and we work as a normal couple . I have many friends and have meet plenty of ppl that are the same way.and their is nothing wrong with it every couple is different.

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