Adventurous Things to Put on Your Dirty Bucket List ...


Adventurous Things to Put on Your Dirty Bucket List ...
Adventurous Things to Put on Your Dirty Bucket List ...

Need some things to put on your dirty bucket list? When you think of a bucket list, it would be fair to assume that most people think about dream vacations and special activities that they want to do before they don’t have the chance anymore, but have you ever considered that bucket lists can be related to things that are a bit more risqué and exciting in a naughty sense!? That’s right, we’re talking dirty bucket lists! Life is way too short to restrict yourself and stay reserved and repressed in the bedroom, so it there is something that you have always wanted to try but never been brave enough to suggest, now is the time! Here are some suggestions for things to put on your dirty bucket list.

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Be Silly

We sometimes tend to take things way too seriously in the bedroom; it can kind of become a chore rather than the fun that it is supposed to be! Put a commitment to making things a bit more silly and light-hearted, don’t shy away from introducing some fun toys into the mix and don’t feel like you have to be completely silent or overly sexual in a fake way when you are getting down and dirty. Being silly is definitely one of the top things to put on your dirty bucket list.


Cheer up the mood with a game of strip poker, or make up your own playful sex game rules. If laughing together isn't your typical bedroom soundtrack, it's time to switch up the playlist. You can even try out funny role-plays or introduce a cheeky safe word – think along the lines of your favorite fruit or a hilarious movie character. Remember, sex should be a joyous occasion where the norm is what feels good, not just what looks good. So let those giggles out and find pleasure in the playfulness.


Easy Kink

Make a commitment to exploring the kinkier side of sex in a beginner friendly kind of way. You can introduce things like blindfolds and handcuffs that will create a really exciting and sexy atmosphere between you and your partner. Embrace the more unconventional sides of sexuality and have fun with it!


In Public

There is nothing quite like the thrill of being naughty with your partner in a public place! The rush of adrenaline is unbelievable, and the possibility of getting caught takes you back to more innocent and thrilling times in your youth! Of course, be a little bit sensible about your choice of location, you don’t want to risk putting on a show for too many people!


When venturing into the wild unknown of public displays of affection, consider secluded yet exhilarating locales like a hidden corner of a bustling party or the back row of a cinema. The idea is to spice things up while still keeping it just between the two of you. Remember, the aim isn't to offend or encroach on others' comfort but to add a zestful twist to your love life. A shared secret smile, knowing that you both have a clandestine anecdote to cherish, adds a special layer of intimacy and connection.


Role Play

Get out of your own head and come out of your shell by engaging in a little harmless role playing with your partner. If you don’t feel comfortable trying kinky things in your own skin, then why not try someone else’s on instead! Being able to play a role whilst you enjoy new sexual thrills is a great way to let yourself go and enjoy yourself at the moment.


Whether you fancy being a sultry seductress or a mysterious stranger, role play can really spice things up. Dive into the fantasy with costumes that tease the senses and dialogue that flirts with your wildest imaginations. Surprise each other by fully embracing your characters; let go of inhibitions and allow the storyline to lead you into unexplored terrains of intimacy. Remember, the key is in the details – the more you commit to the role, the higher the intensity of your escapade. So, go ahead and unleash your inner actor; your bedroom scene is waiting to be scripted.



Sure, this is something that takes a lot of trust and understanding in a couple, but if you have that kind of solid relationship, then inviting a third person into the bedroom for one-off experience can be so hot! As long as everybody has knowledge of the ground rules and boundaries, then you can have a really great time.


When considering a threesome, communication is key. Discuss all scenarios and preferences openly with your partner and the third person to ensure comfort levels are met. Remember, mutual consent is non-negotiable, and anyone should feel free to stop at any point. To keep things smooth, consider each person’s desires and establish a safe word. Threesomes can be incredibly liberating and pleasurable, deepening trust and intimacy when done respectfully. Just make sure to treat the experience with the care and sensitivity it deserves, and it could be a highlight on your daring escapades list!


Dirty Talk

If you tend to be quite reserved in your vocals during sex, then try to get more involved in the wonderful world of dirty talk. You will be surprised how quickly things can get red hot when you open your mouth and tell him exactly what you want him to do to you!

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