Adventurous 😎 Things to Put on ✏️ Your Dirty πŸ™Š Bucket List 😈 ...


Need some things to put on your dirty bucket list? When you think of a bucket list, it would be fair to assume that most people think about dream vacations and special activities that they want to do before they don’t have the chance anymore, but have you ever considered that bucket lists can be related to things that are a bit more risquΓ© and exciting in a naughty sense!? That’s right, we’re talking dirty bucket lists! Life is way too short to restrict yourself and stay reserved and repressed in the bedroom, so it there is something that you have always wanted to try but never been brave enough to suggest, now is the time! Here are some suggestions for things to put on your dirty bucket list.

1. Be Silly

We sometimes tend to take things way too seriously in the bedroom; it can kind of become a chore rather than the fun that it is supposed to be! Put a commitment to making things a bit more silly and light-hearted, don’t shy away from introducing some fun toys into the mix and don’t feel like you have to be completely silent or overly sexual in a fake way when you are getting down and dirty. Being silly is definitely one of the top things to put on your dirty bucket list.

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