9 Things You and Your Significant Other Should Put on Your Couples Bucket List ...


9 Things You and Your Significant Other Should Put on Your Couples Bucket List ...
9 Things You and Your Significant Other Should Put on Your Couples Bucket List ...

I decided a little while ago that something fun to do with my boyfriend was to create a couples bucket list. There are so many things that you want to do in your life, but then you find someone who you want to share it all with, and realize that you both want to explore the same things! Bingo! More often than not, there are things you always say you’ll do one day, like go skydiving or try out that really expensive restaurant and order the best steak on the menu. Then you wake up and realize hey – there were so many things I wanted to do, so many things I wanted both of us to do together! So let’s start making that list. Here are 9 things you and your significant other should put on your couples bucket list.

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Go to Paris Together

Why Paris? Because Paris is the romance capital of the world, and like Audrey Hepburn once said, "Paris is always a good idea." There needs to be at least one thing that’s so fairy-tale-romance on your couples bucket list, and what better way to do that than by finding your way to Paris together? The city is gorgeous, the language is divine, macaroons and Chanel all came from this city, and it’s where romantic inspiration seeps from every part of the city. Go to Paris, be it for your honeymoon, anniversary, or just because, and you’ll see why Audrey Hepburn’s quote about this city is still remembered to this day.


Go Camping

When you’re out camping, you’re in touch with nature; it brings you back to the most basic of things. It’s not the most glamourous of things to do, but it does strip you down to the basics and brings with it a whole ton of adventure. The point of a couples bucket list is to do new things, explore, have fun and get to know each other better while you’re at it. If you’ve never sat by a blazing hot fire, snuggled up on each other’s laps, drinking a beer and just laughing and talking, then it’s about time you did! Because nothing is quite as beautiful, adventurous and romantic as taking a hike to the lake and staring up at millions of stars in the sky.


Skinny Dip

Ah, the wonderful, lovely sensation of skinny dipping - all you have to do is make sure no one’s around (so your clothes won’t get stolen, and because it’s not always the most legal thing), strip off those clothes, and run like the wind into the water. It’s liberating, it’s freedom, and it’s a must-do on every couples bucket list! My advice is to do it at night, when the moon’s shining and there’s nothing but you and your other half, frolicking in the water with the moon’s gorgeous reflection on the surface of the water. And try to go during the summer, when it’s warm!


Make Love in an Inappropriate Location

Pretty much every couple has this on their couples bucket list, or at the very least they should! Pick your place, like the plane, a park, on the beach, whatever you want, just make it happen. I bet you anything you and your other half have a whole ton of wild and crazy ideas of where to make like bunnies, so what are you waiting for? Time to scout out some locations! Just make sure you don’t get caught!


Play Your Favourite Childhood Game

Be it laser tag, hide and seek, even if it’s a good ol’ game of Snakes and Ladders, do it. Share your memories with one another and make new ones. You will not believe how much fun it is to play hide and seek with your significant other, and the stories that’ll come up as you guys take breaks in between because you’ve run out of places to hide! Having fun is key to any relationship, and adding something this cute and memorable to your couples bucket list will remind you two how much fun it is to just play and let loose!


Go to a Drive in Movie

The appeal of a drive-in movie still exists, and it’s still has sexy as ever! One traditional item to add to your couples bucket list has to be going to a drive-in together, just like they immortalized it in Grease, Pleasantville, and tons of old-time movies. It’s beyond adorable, and since drive-ins are not so common nowadays (at least where I live), it’s like a cute little adventure to just getting to the movie! Plus, it’s 10 times better than sitting in a movie theatre on a summer’s day listening to people all around you comment on every little part of the movie!


Swim with Dolphins

This was on my bucket list for the longest time, then my boyfriend took me to Cuba, and voila – swim with dolphins checked off my bucket list (thank you baby)! It was perfect. The best part was, we got to do it together, and unbeknownst to me at the time, it somehow ended up being one of the first things on our yet-to-be-written couples bucket list. It was such an amazing and fun experience, and the fact that we got to experience it together made it all the more special. I know tons of people that want to swim with dolphins, so why not add this encounter with nature to your couples bucket list?


Do the Color Run

It sucks because I’m in Toronto, and for some strange reason the Color Run isn’t in Canada, but it’s nationwide in the U.S. This has to be one of the coolest things ever. Dubbed as the ‘Happiest 5K on the Planet’ the sole purpose of this event is to promote healthiness and happiness, and all you need to do wear white at the starting line, and finish all splashed out in colour. It’s that awesome. Just imagine you and your other half walking and enjoying a gorgeous day, with colours flying everywhere and happy faces just out to have a good time. This needs to go on every couples bucket list, because not only is it amazingly awesome, it’s also got a picture of a cartoon unicorn running on the map of the course.


Go on a Road Trip

Really, it’s not narrowed down to just a road trip, but travel anywhere you two want to go. When you travel, you really get to know yourself and the other person, you share adventures, happy times, sad times, stressful times, and times when the world just seems so magical and perfect you want to stay there forever. Every couple should experience some type of travelling together, and it’s a perfect way to round out 9 things you and your significant other should put on your couples bucket list!

It’s such an exciting and fun thing to embark on new journey’s and adventures with your other half! The things you’ll get to experience, the memories you’ll make, it’s fun to even just get together and figure out what dreams you both have and figure out how to achieve them! So tell me, what are some things you have on your couples bucket list? And have you done them yet?

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Yep did a colour run in Kelowna this past summer!

You can do a color run in Canada. I did the Color me Rad 5k this past July in Edmonton, it was super awesome! Maybe they just brought it into Canada this past year?

They have run or dye!!!

We've done 3-4 but #is high on my list

I had sex on a beach and it was fun but you get sand everywhere and I mean everywhere

I'm pretty sure there was one in Toronto. I know a couple people that went to one and they're in the Torontoish area

Bf like 15 times and it gets better every time

We have it in Montreal too!

Love the idea of going on a road trip ! I’ve done with my

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