20 Things to do before You Get Married ...


20 Things to do before You Get Married ...
20 Things to do before You Get Married ...

Many newly engaged women think about things to do before you get married. There are many things that couples need to talk about before they marry. There are also many things a woman should do on her own before taking the plunge. Check out these 20 things to do before you get married.

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Talk about Children

It would be horrible to marry someone who is not on the same page about having children as you are. Don't think that you will somehow change his mind about wanting children or not wanting children in the future.



Another important thing to do before you get married is talking about religious beliefs. You need to know if your feature husband shares the same ideas about religion as you. If you have different beliefs you must discuss before hand how you will handle things.



Money is the number one reason for divorce. You can change that by making sure your financing are already in order. You also want to know that he can handle his money as well.


Live Alone

One thing to do before you get married is to live on your own. Living alone is a huge responsibility. You need to see that you can handle all that living alone entitles. It would be a shame to have that pressure be the demise of your marriage.


Get to Know His Family

Even though you are only marrying him, his family will still be a part of your life. You want to know that you can at least be civil with them when needed. If he is always siding with his mother during disagreements than you can rest assured that will continue to be a problem once you are married.


Get Tested

Another thing to do before you get married is to have yourself tested for or any sexually transmitted diseases. Enter your marriage with a clean bill of health. It is a good idea to have him tested too.


Finish School

Whether you are completing college or finishing up a certificate in a specialized trade, don’t let the thought of marriage derail your goals. School is important when it comes to financing your future. It will get you on the right track to starting a family.



Want another thing to do before getting married? Get your career started. Hopefully you finished all the needed schooling to start your career. Now you need to spend some time getting comfortable in the working world.


Get over past Relationships

Do you have an old flame that still lingers in your mind? If you do, he also taking up space in your heart. Give yourself the closure you need before getting married.


Premarital Counseling

Counseling may sound crazy when nothing is wrong, but many couples have said it is the one thing they did before getting married that has made a huge difference in their relationship. A counselor can help you squash any issues and teach you how to argue fair.


Start a Savings Account

Having your finances in order is not enough. You need to also have a savings account started. Get into the habit of saving at least ten percent of your paycheck. You need to save money for your wedding and eventually a down payment on a house.


Tell the Truth

If you have any secrets now is the time to come clean. Fess up to that time you got drunk in kissed his best friend or that time you egged his car after you guys got into a big fight. These are the kind of thing you don't want coming out after you are married.


Vacation with Your Best Friend

Once you are married most of your vacations will be spent with your new husband. Take the time now to have a great vacation with your best friend. Now is this not one of the best things to do before you get married.



Chances are if you have made it far enough to find the one you want to marry and he feels the same about you, than you have done all the things you need to do before getting married. Of course it is always okay to go back and ensure he is the one.


Plan a Wedding

Before you can tie the knot you have to make some major decisions about your wedding. Is it going to be big, or an intimate gathering? Plan carefully and stick to your set budget.


Gift Registry

As soon as you announce your engagement many friends and family will start searching for your gift registry online. Take into account the things both of you own and only register for the things you really need or desperately want.


Talk about Your Future

Chances are you both have your own hope and dreams for your future. Does his career plans interfere with your goals? Make sure you guys can set a plan you both agree with.


Listen to Your Friends

If everyone is telling you to run away from this guy then they are seeing something you are not. The truth is, it is not very likely that all your friends are jealous of your happiness. Find out what they are seeing that you are missing and re-evaluate the entire situation.


Learn to Cook

It may sound very 1950’s, but knowing how to cook at least one meal amazingly great is a good idea. At some point in your married life you are going to have someone important come to your house for dinner and you are really going to want to wow them with your excellent cooking.


Stop Trying to Change Him

Now is the time to accept all his flaws. Marriage doesn’t turn boys into men. It doesn’t teach anyone how to not be a slob anymore and it sure doesn’t end his love affair with football. If you can’t accept these things that make you man who he is than it’s time to walk away.

Being married shouldn’t be difficult. Sure it takes some adjusting and things can get rough from time to time, but if you have taken all these things to do before you get married into consideration than maybe it will be a little easier on you. What are some important things you think woman should do before getting married?

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For number 6, is it still suggested to get tested even if one is a virgin before he or she is married?

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