7 Things You Should Never Say to Someone You Care about ...


Have you ever put your foot in it and said something you regretted to someone you love? We all speak before we think sometimes, but it can be really hurtful to say the wrong thing to our partner, friends or family. Some things just shouldn't be said to people we care about though, so think twice before you say the following …

1. I've Had Enough of You!

Frustrated parents can often say this to their children, but they're not the only ones who come out with this thoughtless phrase. What you really mean is that you're frustrated at something they've done, but it comes across as a criticism of them as a person. If you're cross at someone and need to tell them, be precise about what you're angry at, so that they know what needs to be put right.

You're Not Good at That


Thup Hhom
I always said ' i hate you' to my bf. But he was keep said 'I dont cared coz i love you'☺️
I say to my bff i hate u all the time but she knows that i'm kidding❤️
We all say things we don't mean to say. I know I'm guilty of that one. All we can do is try to think what we're saying before we blurt these hurtful words out
Alexis Nicole'
I enjoyed this because even if someone is sensitive, and you know they are there's no point of being insensitive towards them.
Lissette Brunet
Oh look! 7/7 I've heard....thanks family 😷
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