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7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Guy ...

By Alicia

There are some things you should never say to your guy, no matter how upset you are with him. These are things that you can never take back, things that can really wound him. Even in the midst of a disagreement, you don’t want to allow these things to escape your lips. Make a mental note of these things you should never say to your guy for a happier, healthier relationship.

1 He Doesn’t Make Enough Money

It is never wise to tell your guy that he doesn’t make enough money. It isn’t even a good idea to hint at this. This is one of the things you should never say to your guy. It is fine to tell him he has tons of potential or that you believe he can achieve anything he wants. Encourage the possibilities you see for him but don’t put him down.

2 He Needs a Better Job

This goes right along with saying he doesn’t make enough money. It is an area you don’t want to go into. Even if you can see that your guy is meant for more than the position he is currently in, that is his call. You can point out that his current place of employment doesn’t value him or that he has a lot to offer. But in the end, respect his decision about where he decides to work and your relationship will be better for it.

3 You Don’t like His Mom

You don’t want to tell your guy that you don’t like his mom. Even if this is true, your relationship will not be better off for it. It will place tension between the two of you. He loves both of you so there is absolutely no good that will come of making this statement. Instead, focus on how to have a better relationship with his mother.

4 You Can’t Stand His Friends

What if you cannot stand your guy’s friends? What if they are obnoxious and rude? Unless they say something to you that is distasteful, it is probably best to say nothing about this to him, either. Instead, tell him how much you do like certain other friends of his. Another idea is to not be around when he is with his friends.

5 He Needs to Quit His Hobbies

Here is something many of us ladies need to realize. It is okay for our guys to have hobbies. Furthermore, it is a good idea if we have some of our own. Now, if your guy is becoming so obsessed with his hobbies that he is neglecting you, of course you can bring that to his attention. But if that isn’t the case, let him enjoy the latest video game or game of basketball.

6 That Your Last Boyfriend Was Better at Something

It is not a good idea to tell your current guy that your last boyfriend was better at something than he is. This is hurtful. Think about how you would feel if he said that to you about his last girlfriend. This is a remark that should never leave your lips. It is very damaging to a relationship.

7 That He Needs to Lose Weight

Here is the deal. None of us have perfect bodies. It is not a good choice to tell your guy he needs to lose weight. The only exception would be if it is truly a concern for his health. Even then you should probably approach the topic with a lot of caution and sensitivity. Instead, why not ask him to just work out with you or start fixing healthier foods to eat?

These are 7 things you just don’t want to say to your guy. Have you made a mistake and said something very hurtful to your guy? Or have you ever had something very hurtful like this said to you?

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