7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Husband ...

By Kayla

It is easy to utter words that you don't mean, in the heat of the moment, but there a some things you should never say to your husband. Most of us have said things that we regret and that we wish we could take back. Sadly, we cannot take back hurtful words or the pain caused by them. Here are some things you should never say to your husband.

1 I Want a Divorce

One of the biggest things you should never say to your husband is that you want a divorce, if you don't. Divorce is something that should never be part of your vocabulary. Look at divorce as something that is not an option. Mentioning a divorce could severely hurt both your husband and your marriage. Imagine how you would feel if he said those words.

2 My Ex Was

Don't bring up the ex. The names of your ex and your husband's ex should be forbidden words. Never tell your husband that your ex could have done something better. Words like this could hurt him deeply. Your spouse doesn't want to be compared to your ex. He probably doesn't want to talk about him at all.

3 You Are Just like Your Dad

Don't tell your husband that he is just like his dad. If you do, you're not only putting down your husband, but your father in law, as well. Try to refrain from speaking negatively about your husband's family. His family is going to be part of your life for a long time. Speaking ill of them can anger your husband.

4 Just Go Away

Telling your husband to go away during an argument will only make things worse. First of all, it frustrates them because you won't tell them what is wrong. Communication is an essential part of any marriage. If your husband wants to talk, tell him what is wrong. You'll be happy that everything is out in the open.

5 I Had an Orgasm

Don't say that you had an orgasm, if you didn't. It is great to let a man know that you are satisfied, but not by outright lying. He will likely know if you did or not, anyway. Instead of simply saying no and then tell your spouse the positives. You can then suggest things you could do next time to enhance the experience. Your husband will likely be open to suggestions.

6 You Need to Lose Weight

Don't tell your husband that he needs to lose weight. Unless there is a medical reason that it is necessary, it is best to keep your lips sealed about his weight. We would be hurt if told us we needed to lose weight. It is true that men don't think about their weight as often as women, but they do think about it. By complaining about their weight it could have a very negative impact on their self-esteem.

7 You Need to Get Another Job

Telling your husband that he needs a better job can make him feel like he is being attacked. Most men get defensive if they think they are not providing what you need. Instead, think about why you want him to get another job. Is he away from home too much? Perhaps you could go with him on business trips. Is his pay not covering the bills? Maybe you could get a part-time job to help cover the difference.

Our husband is the last person we want to hurt, but sometimes he is the one we hurt the most. Our words can be more hurtful than we may think. Something that we say to someone can effect them for many years, if we don't think about what we are saying, before we say it. What do you think you should avoid saying to your husband?

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