This is How Emotionally Abused Girls Love Differently ...

By Heather

This is How Emotionally Abused  Girls Love Differently  ...

Loving someone that has been emotionally abused is hard, especially if you are the rebound. You need to do a lot more understanding and you'll have to be very patient. If your girlfriend fits the bill on 🔘 emotionally abused, take 🎬 a look 💇 below, that way you can get a guide of how to care for her and really understand what she's been through.

1 We Are Fiercely Independent

While being in a relationship 👬 is great, when a girl 💁 has been emotionally abused, it takes a lot out of her, it takes a lot for her to really accept 💯 that she has someone that she can depend on. She is fiercely independent because she doesn't want to depend on 🔘 anyone. You'll need to do some digging on 🔛 why, but trust me, it's worth it.

2 We Know How Strong ✊ We Are

We might've been knocked down 😧 a lot in that other relationship 💏 so now? We know exactly how strong ✊ we are and we know that we're going 👣 to make it. It's part of our makeup 💄 now, part of our personality to be strong, to be ourselves.

3 We Can Pick up 👆 the Pieces

We know that no 🙅 matter what, we can pick up 🆙 all of the pieces. The pieces of our lives, the pieces of our hearts, the pieces of everything. That's important for you to know because we've done it ones, we can do it again.

4 We Know Our Worth

Our worth is huge and we know that. We know that we are worth the world 🌏 and that if we aren't worth it to you, we are going 👣 to be worth it to someone else. Keep that in mind when you decide to break up 🆙 with us for the fifteenth time.

5 We Might Be Guarded at Times

It happens, especially in the beginning. We might not give all of ourselves and we might not open up 👆 right 👉 away. It's because we don't want to get close right ✅ way, we don't want to give all of ourselves, instead, we want to hold 📞 back 🔙 just little pieces of ourselves until we know it's safe.

6 Whole Heart? You'll Have to Wait a While

Love? Our whole hearts? It might be a while. We've been there, done that and we might not want to really give it all up 👆 in the beginning. It could take 🎬 months, so be prepared when we say we are a little damaged and be gentle with us.

7 We're a Tough Nut 🌰 to Crack

Finally, we might be a tough person 👧🏻 to crack, we might not be someone that opens up 🆙 easily and it's all because we are a little damaged. Remember that and keep that in mind when you are probing us with questions.

So, now that you know the difference, just keep it all in mind. We still want to love 💕 you, but it might just take 🎬 a little while, that's all.

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