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7 Reasons Girls Are Attracted to Bad Boys and How to Move past That ...

By Alicia

There are reasons girls are attracted to bad boys. Unfortunately, not every story that involves a bad boy has a happy ending. Many of the endings are sad and leave a girl heartbroken. If you talk to a woman past her mid-twenties, you usually find out about how there was a bad boy in her past and about the lesson she learned from that experience. Let’s talk about the reasons girls are attracted to bad boys and how to move past that.

1 It’s a Challenge

One of the reasons girls are attracted to bad boys is that they seem like a challenge to them. It is something they have to work for. It isn’t always easy to get a bad boy’s attention. You don’t always learn there is a reason for that till much later. The reason is usually because a classic bad boy’s mind is on other things besides finding a good, caring girl to date.

2 They Believe They Can Tame Them

Girls very mistakenly believe that they can tame a bad boy. There are very rare occasions when this is true. Usually, in those cases, a bad boy had a very good heart underneath his bad boy exterior, or the bad boy exterior wasn’t the true person; it was just an act. For the most part, a bad boy is not going to change his ways. He is who he is and only he can change that, not you.

3 It’s Exciting

Dating a bad boy seems exciting. That is the case at first, but trying to have a real relationship with a bad boy is not easy because this excitement becomes stress. Their antics get old quickly. If you are wondering how I know all of these things, I made the mistake of spending part of my life with a bad boy, too. It did not have a very happy ending, so I hope I can shed some light on this subject to save you the trouble.

4 It’s Rebellious

Sometimes dating a bad boy seems like it goes against everything you have ever known. It is different and new. It can seem like a whole new world to you. But it does not always open a part of the world that you want to see or be a part of. Think carefully before you head down this path.

5 They Seem like a Prize

A bad boy can seem like a prize. After all, no one can get them in a committed relationship but you, right? This can make a girl feel like she is really special. But this prize does not always feel like a prize after a while. It can actually bring you a lot of heartache.

6 They Are Charming

Bad boys can be charming. They have usually learned to stay out of as much trouble as they can by being this way. But charming is not the same thing as true and real personality traits. Charm can disappear when things don’t go their way. Don’t be taken in by this alone.

7 They Have Cool Taste

Let’s just be honest here, girls. A lot of times bad boys do have good taste. They drive cool cars, maybe a bike, they wear good clothes. They have the ability to just look cool. But appearances can be deceiving and cool taste really doesn't matter that much in the grand scheme of things, does it?

Getting involved with a bad boy can lead to a lot of heartache later on for you. Have you learned this lesson the hard way? What traits do you now look for in a guy?

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