Genius Tips for a Killer Makeout Session for Girls Who Want to Be His Best KISS ...


Genius Tips for a Killer Makeout Session for Girls Who Want to Be His Best KISS ...
Genius Tips for a Killer Makeout Session for Girls Who Want to Be His Best KISS ...

Get ready for some tips for a killer makeout session. Making out is something that most of us discover in our early teens, and spend the rest of that decade trying to figure out and master! Though the basics of making out with someone you like are pretty much human nature, there is no doubting that, for one reason or another, some people are just better at it than others! It might be down to the fact that they have had more practise, it might be down to the fact they have a natural talent for romance, or, as I suspect, it might be down to the fact they had an older sibling who gave them all of the tips and secrets that I am about to give you right now! If you are on a mission to become a make out master, then here are all the best tips for a killer makeout session.

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Flirting First

hair, face, black, photograph, facial expression, You have to put the groundwork in when it comes to stealing a kiss. Go through all of the classic flirting motions first, from hand-holding to lingering gazes to smooth lines. The more your crush is into you before you go in for the kill, the more he is going to enjoy it simply from an emotional attachment point of view. That's one of my best tips for a killer makeout session.


Building that emotional connection is key, so start with whispered compliments and those knowing smiles. It’s all about sparking that physical chemistry, too. Let your touches linger a little longer, graze his arm as you laugh, or gently bump into him as you move closer. This playful physical contact stirs anticipation. And remember, confidence is everything—carry yourself with the assurance that you’re irresistible. It'll send his heart racing even before your lips meet. This is the kind of build-up that promises a makeout session he'll be dreaming about long after.


Be Confident

photograph, black, black and white, man, kiss, No matter what gender you are and what gender you are looking to kiss, the key to executing a great makeout session is confidence. Even if you are apprehensive about making the first move, find the courage to do just that and you might find that your crush is more receptive than you had even hoped!


Remember, confidence is not only about taking the initiative but also about how you carry yourself during the kissing experience. Hold your head high, make eye contact, and show your partner that you're present and enthusiastic. If you're feeling nervous, it's okay to communicate that with a playful smile—it can even be endearing. A little vulnerability combined with assurance can go a long way—your partner may even find it refreshing! After all, confidence doesn't mean you have no nerves, it means you embrace them and turn them into an electrifying connection.


Lip Prep

photograph, nose, interaction, photography, forehead, Let’s be real, nobody wants to go in for a kiss only to be greeted by dry, chapped lips! To ensure that your lips are in perfect makeout condition, always make sure to have a handy chapstick or lip balm on hand to keep your mouth nice and soft and silky smooth, ready to spring into action!



interaction, kiss, muscle, love, girl, One of the easiest places to tell if a person is on edge is on their lips, and this can be a big problem when the end goal is to kiss! We know it’s easier said than done, but try your best to relax into the moment, because the more relaxed you are, the better and more authentic the kissing is going to feel.


Remember, a kiss is a conversation without words; let your lips communicate ease and desire rather than tension and worry. Taking a few deep breaths before leaning in can help melt away the jitters. Think about the warmth and the connection that you're about to share, and let that anticipation guide you to a state of calm anticipation. Sometimes, closing your eyes and visualizing a peaceful scenario can also insert a sense of tranquility. Keep in mind, the more serene you are, the more seamless and enchanting your kisses will be.


Start Slow

black, photograph, black and white, person, kiss, Don’t go in all guns blazing with your tongue hanging out ready for the plunge! The trick to having a great makeout session is to start slow and then as a pair, listen to each other’s bodies to see where to go from there.


Begin with gentle pecks on the lips, allowing the warmth and softness to build a foundation of anticipation. Gradually intensify the pressure, following each other's rhythm and breathing to escalate the passion naturally. Whisper sweet nothings or softly breathe against your partner's neck between kisses to add an extra layer of sensuality. Remember, less is often more, so let the eager tension grow by occasionally pulling back, locking eyes, and smiling, teasing the next move. A well-timed retreat can make the advance all the more electrifying.


Use Your Hands

room, structure, shoulder, muscle, leg, There’s not much that feels better during a makeout session than somebody running their hands through your hair. Get your hands involved with your kissing rhythm, because if they are just down there by your sides it can start to get very stiff and awkward!

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