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7 Tips for Moving into Your Partners Home ...

By Alison

Do you need some tips for moving into your partner's home? Moving in with your partner is very exciting, but it's also quite a challenge. And if you're moving into a home they already own or rent, this is rather different from moving into a new home together. You'll want it to feel like your home, and they'll have to adjust to you moving into their space. Here are some tips for moving into your partner's home …

Table of contents:

  1. Make some changes
  2. Agree on expenses
  3. Time to adjust
  4. Be realistic
  5. Discuss expectations
  6. Legal issues
  7. Have an escape plan

1 Make Some Changes

The first of my tips for moving into your partner's home is to make some changes to the house. Since it isn't just your partner's home any more, you need to feel that it's your home as well. If you're surrounded by the things they chose, it won't seem like your place. A complete change won't be practical or appropriate, so make a few alterations instead.

2 Agree on Expenses

You should also consider the more mundane aspects of moving in together, such as living costs. How will you split the expenses? Will you contribute to the mortgage? Consider factors such as how much each of you earns, and what the bills add up to, and agree between you what is a fair amount for you to pay.

3 Time to Adjust

It takes time to adjust to moving in together, and if you are moving into your partner's home this makes things even more complicated. Up until now it's been their home, and so you moving in will alter their routine. Both of you will need to learn to compromise and build a new stage in your relationship.

4 Be Realistic

Moving in with someone is exciting, but the realities of living together can take the shine off the excitement pretty quickly. The fact is that they will do things that annoy you, and you will irritate them at times. You see a different aspect of your partner when you live with them. Be realistic; you're both human and will need to gradually adapt.

5 Discuss Expectations

Talk about everything with your partner. Discuss what you want from the relationship and where you would like it to go. And don't forget to agree on sharing the household chores! It might be unromantic, but iron out all the details right from the start, so that both of you do your fair share of the work.

6 Legal Issues

You should also both be aware of the legal issues involved in you moving into your partner's home. If you are not married you may have few or no rights over the property, even if you eventually live there for years and have contributed towards the mortgage. Talk about whether your partner wants you to have any rights in the future and what legal steps you should take.

7 Have an Escape Plan

Finally, have an escape plan in case things don't work out. Make sure you have sufficient funds to rent accommodation if you split up. You do not want to be stuck in a difficult situation, and if your partner wants you to leave you'll need somewhere to go. It's wise to be prepared, even though you naturally hope things will never go wrong.

Enjoy life with your partner, and making a home together! What do you think are the best and worse things about moving in with your partner?

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