7 Tips for Tall Girls Who Are Bigger than Their Boyfriends ...


7 Tips for Tall Girls Who Are Bigger than Their Boyfriends ...
7 Tips for Tall Girls Who Are Bigger than Their Boyfriends ...

We're used to seeing couples that contain a tall boy and a short girl. That's why it can feel so uncomfortable when you totter over your boyfriend. Of course, it isn't something you should freak out over. Here are a few tips for tall girls who are bigger than their boyfriends:

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Embrace Your Height

Embrace Your Height There's nothing wrong with being taller than your boyfriend. Plenty of women are bigger than the man that they're dating, especially famous models. You shouldn't let the size difference bother you. If you're both happy with your heights, then you should embrace them. Wear heels when you want, even if it means you'll be tottering over him. No one will judge you as much as you think they will.


Wear Flat Shoes

Wear Flat Shoes Even though there's nothing wrong with being taller than your boyfriend, it might make you feel insecure. If you're uncomfortable with the way you look while standing next to him, then you should avoid wearing heels when you go out with him. Stick to flats, so you're as close to the ground as possible. That way, the size difference won't be as noticeable.


Opting for flat shoes doesn't mean sacrificing style. You can find chic ballet slippers, sleek loafers, or trendy sneakers that provide comfort without the extra height. It's all about embracing your natural stature while also feeling confident alongside your partner. Don't forget, the key is to feel good in your own skin, whether it's in stilettos or slip-ons. Remember, confidence is the best accessory you can wear, and it looks fabulous at any height.


Don’t Tease Him about It

Don’t Tease Him about It If he's super short, then you shouldn't tease him about how tiny he is. He's probably gotten those types of comments since he was a little kid. It might be a sore spot for him. I mean, you wouldn't want anyone to make fun of you for your height, would you? That's why you shouldn't make fun of him for how short he is, even if it's all in good fun. It could still hurt his feelings.


Don’t Compliment Tall Boys

Don’t Compliment Tall Boys Men are used to hearing that we want boys that are six foot tall. Even though tall boys are sexy, short boys can be sexy, too. Don't make your man feel inferior by complimenting every guy you see that's taller than you. You don't want him to think you wish you were with someone else.


Crouch when You Hug and Kiss

Crouch when You Hug and Kiss Don't make him stand on his toes in order to kiss you on the lips. When you want a smooch, then you should bend down a bit in order to reach his level. That way, he won't feel silly whenever he wants to give you affection.

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Stand Back in Pictures

Stand Back in Pictures If you stand far away from the camera, you'll look smaller. That's why you should stand behind your boyfriend in pictures if you want to look like you're the same height. Of course, you could also crouch or have him stand on something high. There are plenty of ways to make your height difference disappear in pictures.


Don’t Let Him See That It Bothers You

Don’t Let Him See That It Bothers You Even if you're embarrassed about your height difference, because you think you're too tall, your boyfriend is going to twist your words and think that he's too short for you. Men are insecure about their heights. That's why you shouldn't let him see that it bothers you. If you pretend nothing is wrong, then pretty soon, you'll realize that there actually isn't anything wrong at all.

It doesn't matter how tall you are or how short your boyfriend is. Either way, you two still make an adorable couple! How tall are you?

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I'm 5'11.5" and once dated a guy who was 5'8" and it worked fine however if it really does bug you inthink theres a point where sexual attraction can be lost due to insecurities which is a shame but can happen.

yes it can happen and it is happening to me and i am worried if it is going to effect our relationship

I am 6'1, and I have dated someone shorter than me. I am not discouraging girls that are in relationships like this; however I do have a personal vow that I would prefer if my mate were if not my same height, taller than me.

Tall girls don’t need tips...and tall is not synonymous with big.

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