7 Fun Tips for Working out as a Couple ...


Working out as a couple can get you both fit, while bringing you closer together. Some people enjoy the feeling a workout provides. But for others, like me, it can be a chore to roll out of bed and hit the gym. That’s why I have fun ways to burn calories while spending time with your favorite person. Working out as a couple is a sure-fire way to keep your body β€” and relationship β€” healthy.

1. Have Mini Competitions

Race around the block or see who can do the most pushups. Have mini competitions throughout the day to keep yourselves active. For extra incentive, come up with a prize for the winner. The loser can pay for the next meal or will be forced to do the grocery shopping. Be competitive in the moment, but don’t forget to kiss your man after you beat him. These small competitions are one of my favorite tips for working out as a couple.

Watch TV


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Trueeee it's sexxx
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