7 Tips to Have a Fun Date at the Zoo ...


Dinner and a movie can get redundant, so maybe exactly what you and your partner need is a date at the zoo! It’s a fun and unique way to take advantage of a good weather day. There are many elements that, if done correctly, can make your date unforgettably special. Read these tips for a date at the zoo, and have an exceptional time with your date!

1. Educate Yourself on the Animals

A way to make a date at the zoo an enjoyable experience is by learning about the animals beforehand. Everyone loves learning new things, and your boyfriend will be thoroughly impressed by your knowledge and facts. Intelligence is an attractive quality, and this is your chance to share with your partner your striking wisdom. That way, when he wonders aloud, "I’m curious as to how giraffes drink water with their long necks," you can quickly reply, "They spread their legs six feet apart, then dip down their heads, of course!" He will be mystified by your zoological expertise.

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