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One of the best things you can do to improve your love life is go through steps of overcoming the fear of rejection. The biggest obstacle standing between you and your happiness is yourself! Sooner or later you will experience unreciprocated feelings so there is no point in protecting yourself from something that is bound to happen. Rejection and heartbreak are inevitable so fearing them is unfortunately useless. Allow yourself to feel vulnerable and take steps to overcoming the fear of rejection because it’s something that everyone goes through.

1. What if

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The best thing about overcoming the fear of rejection is that you are no longer afraid to make a first move or admit to your feelings. You no longer have to hold back your emotions and close your eyes to the situation. You’ll no longer have to feel a sense of regret and always wonder about the ‘what if’ scenarios! It’s liberating to know that your fear will no longer hold you back.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Vulnerable


Regina Rose
Move on. Clearly he is not waiting for you. Life is too precious to spin your wheels pining away after people who don't hold you in as high of a regard!
I guess I'll choose to be brave.
So me and this guy have been dating for a month. My mom decided that i was spending to much one with him so she made a rule that is: no dating until your 15. I told my "bf" this and he told me he wou...
Yea i am scared of rejection but i don`t want it to hold me back from a cute guy i like thanks for the tip :) i going put them to use
I really likes this guy i used to share a house with in uni. I never told him i liked him and i sort of regret it :/
'Who cares' attitude
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