7 Traits Cheaters Possess That You Should Watch out for ...


If you're worried about your boyfriend being unfaithful, you should look to see if he has any traits of cheaters. You don't want to continue dating someone that is going to break your heart without a second thought. That's why you should always keep an eye out for any sketchy behavior. Here are some of the most obvious traits of cheaters that you should watch out for in the future:

1. Forgetful

Your man might not actually be as forgetful as he seems to be. You can figure out if it's genuine by looking at what he commonly forgets. Does he always forget things that he should definitely know, like your favorite movie or your pet's name? Then he might be afraid of mixing up your pup's name with his other girlfriend's pup's name. Does he always forget what happened on a night out with the boys? Well, he might actually be lying, because he was out with another woman instead. Watch out, because supposed forgetfulness is one of the biggest traits of cheaters.



is that ranbir kapoor he's not like that
Allison Malushi
I have all these traits to be completely honest but I'm also incredibly faithful lol
Yeah but what if it the woman that the cheater not the guy....
I I guess that he was a cheater
That's so true. My ex was doing all of those thing .
Rewrite last line : These are the married ones who think given the chance you'd do as they do and they want their cake and eat it too.
I did a lot more than DATE HIM ; he was a pathological lier ,never wanted deep conversations esp, about himself , was terribly overprotective and this is the biggest tell tale. Never keen about me goi...
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