Fun Twists ๐Ÿ”€ for Girls Who Want Making out ๐Ÿ’‹ to Be Much More Fun ๐Ÿ™ƒ ...


It's always nice to get a smooch from your partner. However, making out can become bland if you do it too often without switching up your routine. That's why you should shake things up by adding new material into the mix. If you can't think of anything fun to do, here are a few twists to make making out more fun:

1. Put an Ice Cube in Your Mouth

Most of the time, your lips and tongue will feel pretty warm. That's why you should shake things up by popping an ice cube into your mouth before you kiss your man. Swirl it around in order to get your entire mouth feeling frozen. That way, when you kiss him, he'll feel an entirely new sensation. It'll send chills down his spine--in a good way.

Chew Flavored Gum before Kissing


Omg I would end up in the ER if I tried to balance a tongue and ice cube in my mouth.
This is interesting but I am forever alone so.......
Tres risquรฉ! Naughty!
#7...What does being "sexually active" have to do with putting chocolate on your mans chest..I thought you were going to say his mini him
Number 3 sounds amazing!!!!!!!
ิตีฐาฝ ีฆีกาฝาฝีฒ ึ…ฦ’ ารญิตฯฒีฐาฝี
My bf would be like wtf r u doing?
Jazmyn Jaye
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