7 Unclassy Yet Attractive Attributes You Could Have ...


7 Unclassy Yet Attractive Attributes You Could Have ...
7 Unclassy Yet Attractive Attributes You Could Have ...

Even though most of us would love to be considered classy ladies, acting appropriate and elegant 24/7 can be pretty boring. Sometimes, it's much more fun to act casually than classy. It can be much more attractive, too. That's why you shouldn't be too concerned if you're not a prim and proper lady. Here are some unclassy things that are actually incredibly attractive:

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Wearing Casual Clothing

Wearing Casual Clothing You don't have to put on a mound of makeup and your best dress whenever you leave the house. Wearing sweatpants or yoga pants can make you look just as attractive as any gown ever could. Besides, a lot of men like women who appear laid-back. Being comfortable enough in your skin to leave the house without dressing to the nines is incredibly attractive.


Having Tattoos and Piercings

Having Tattoos and Piercings Don't you love men covered with tattoos? Even though your boss will probably tell you that tattoos and piercings are inappropriate for the workplace, that doesn't stop them from being sexy. After all, the designs can give you an insight into a person's personality. It's a beautiful type of art.


Laughing Loudly

Laughing Loudly If you want to appear classy, you shouldn't laugh with your mouth full. You shouldn't laugh too loudly either because you could draw unwanted attention to yourself. However, seeing someone slap their thighs and cry from laughter is super attractive. It shows you that they have a great sense of humor and are fun to be around.


Getting Your Hands Dirty

Getting Your Hands Dirty You never see someone classy with grime beneath their nails because they hire others to do the dirty work for them. However, seeing someone covered in dirt while they're working in the garden or covered in oil while they're working on a car can be incredibly attractive. It shows you that they're good with their hands, and what's sexier than that?



Cursing You shouldn't curse in the middle of class or while you're helping a customer at work. But sometimes, hearing your crush curse during a conversation can be a major turn on. There's something about hearing them say a naughty word that'll really get you going.

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Talking with Your Hands

Talking with Your Hands People who are considered classy tend to have good control over their movements, which means they won't flail their arms around when talking. However, some people naturally speak with their hands, and there's nothing wrong with that. Usually when a person makes a lot of gestures, it means that they're passionate about what they're talking about--and passion is the sexiest thing in the world.


Lounging around

Lounging around When you picture a classy lady, you probably imagine her sitting up straight with her hands on her lap. While it's important to sit in such a manner out in public, there's nothing wrong with lounging around the house. When your man sees you sprawled out in bed or relaxing on the couch, it can make for a great view.

In certain situations, it's important to act classy. After all, you don't want to lose your job because you decided to act inappropriately at the workplace. However, when you're in an environment where it's fine to be yourself, you'll appear much more attractive when you throw some etiquette rules out the window and behave how you feel comfortable behaving. Do you consider yourself to be a classy lady?

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Too bad I'm tatted(; I think tattoos are so beautiful

@Rose Tatts are beautiful. I have some too. We are just as classy 😊

Yes I do but I like to have fun

@Kris The title says "Unclassy" though??

Sometimes I am classy, however I do wear yoga pants a lot. I don't believe in permanent tattoos as it's only a short term effect and people might not want them their whole life. Henna tattoos are neat though.

I actually think going with only a little makeup is more classy than a mound of it.

Ladette is my middle name 🙈

I just want to say that this article made me feel so much better about myself because I'm always getting criticism from my mother about how on classy I am. I also wanna way that I totally agree!

Tattoos and talking with your hands are a NO NO NO for me personally.

Honestly, I think everyone can have there own ways of being classy. Plus any man or woman may see tattoos as classy or non classy. It all depends on the person.

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